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The Purification Crusade


It obviously means that Eternity was not ready for the awesomeness of pre-nerf Lilithe :wink:


Happy Cakeday, @phoinexflame!


So its been 2 years since I joined the forum… it was a nice time here during that time.

Thanks all you fellow forumgoers for the help I’ve received and fun I’ve had :slightly_smiling_face:

And a special thanks to @isbee for remembering I exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Blood memes.


is it just me or are the forums a lil buggy as of late?


Eh…maybe. :thinking:


And today I learned what an Arkansas Fudge Factory is.


I just crafted 3 Scarzigs. Instant regret.


Can I get some help on my Kaleos list?


lol. get obs and give it to scarzig. sounds amazing to me XD


You can’t attack Panddos though. I’m hoping to use Scarzig with Ass or IF.


Obs + Shroud? :crazy_face:


Komodo Hunter something something


Maybe take out Zendo for spelljammer instead and replace jaguar as well as -1 KE for +1 battle pando and then +2ObB/+1ObB+1EB. I’m inclined to play this like an aggro deck with a gimmick so maybe also slot in +2 boars somewhere so you have 4 mana Fist+Boar to clear any 4 Health minion, but that’s just me.

Edit because I’m bad at math

Edit2, here is the shitty list I won two games with:


Pardon me for being a Hai noob, but what is ObB? (I assume EB is Blades.)


Never mind, there it is. Thanks.


To be honest, I’m just being elistist by saying that and there is probably a better known acronym for it, ObB is obscuring blow.

Nvm then.


This is actually viable.


Yeah, I hope the deck is working out for you., good luck!


Orbo the Overlord

The goal, use your artifacts to kick ass and hopefully drop an orbo (hopefully). then, mirrorim the orbo and keep and trying to draw and play as many orbos as possible. idk if this is a good idea, but just wanted to see what you guys can do with this.