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The Purification Crusade


Here’s my win btw, if anyone would like to watch it for some reason
It would be nice to compare strategies
I have a friend who liked to watch and did watch me play most of the game without giving me tips just to see how I approached things
Said friend told me after that they had Quick Focus and healed during spirit flame thing, I would never think of that, because all I think of flame spirit is Cyclone Slash

turned out low quality for some reason and my dumb friends kept getting online distractingly

Wishlist for Radiant Grimm: Actually use my soul, things could probably be more efficient here


So i redownloaded the game after not playing for a while and see that my 96% save file is still there…first thing i remember is that i need to kill Radiance…yea, dont do that after you have been extremely rusty




You mean


fuck off I don’t know how to change font size


They are not exclusive

Yea-HF against radiant absolute radiance


Y’all seen the leaked boxart for the hollow knight sequel?



Magesworn is shaping up to be one of my favourite cards-the decks its good against tend to be realy antifun


Magesworn feels really solid in tempo/aggro/ramp decks since its impact is VERY massive early on, especially against Vanar and Songhai and pretty much every tempo-reliant deck. I’ve been using it in a variant of my FlashJata Magmar ramp a lot lately.


Ahhhhhhhhh happy new year to everyone (a little late, I was with friends for the most part)


@snowshot Requesting your best wallnar deck


Unfortunately it’s not a matter of “caring”, it’s that we simply do not have any news or updates we can give on anything. Also, please keep in mind that we were gone for two weeks for Bandai Namco’s winter break. It’s also very hard to come in and not offer anything insightful when we have no new news to give.


I think you missed my point.

At this point, I think most people here know there is nothing coming, but it would be nice if the community manager(s) came down here to talk and just be human and joke around and stuff like that. Just keep up interactions with the community, develop some trust and goodwill.

I mean, when’s the last time you or @stormshade posted anything not regarding diamond sales or boss battles? No offense in saying this but at the moment you guys feel so corporate and robotic which is what the corporation itself usually is which is why you have community managers.

Also, I just want to clarify here, I’m not attacking you or stormshade, I’m not trying to be harsh or aggressive, I just want to see you guys step up to the plate. Especially you, yaviey. You’re a bit new to being a community manager I think and I really hope you develop into a fine one who is a god at it except don’t be a god, be human, be a part of the community (while at the same time still respecting that you are the communication line between the company and the community).

(read this in your spare time since its kind of long)


Yeah @yaviey, if you’ve got some nice dooly memes, here would be the place :smile:

But I understand that time is precious, so I’m not gonna blame you. It’d be nice if you showed up just to chat every so often as you like.


This is one of my best (got to high s rank with it) and unlike other wall decks this one is fun and challenging
AND utilizing reflection as a good finisher with yggdra, embla or any good enemy minion (hmm dancer and makentors)

Plus @bepoest

Regarding your reflection uses - here.

Reflection is scary on embla and yggdra the same it is on seraphim


i found this masterpiece

This needs a sequel


I’ve seen the real life action movie version


I present you highroll incarnate

I only suggest this to people who believe in the heart of the cards.Either you highroll like crazy and cheat out xor extremely fast and become immortal through the healing of shadowdancer and drainspamm(fugitive) or you don,t draw stuff that fits together and get overrun


aka almost every xor deck…?


Guys help me! I was not prepared for today! XD


Lilithe has overcome eternity. I wonder what this would entail in the lore