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The Purification Crusade


This but unironically


I have to learn every fight and that is fine.


Have been trying to get into grim dawn-guess i give up after 20 hours
Loot is nice and all but if you don,t have to work for it at all its kinda worthless.
Piloting is so skillbased-i feel like i could give my character to a 5 years old,explain the chracters playstyle for 2 minutes and that 5 years old would do completely fine. And im already playing a more complicated chracter with 6 different abilitys.There are some who basicly just stack passives and hold leftclick.
Imagine an ARPG with high playerskill combat
Where you can in theory beat the toughest super boss with a butcher knife and no armor on lv1


I switched to keyboard and mouse to make slashing downwards easier… it made it harder.


I started to get into the nitty gritty with this fight and it became very satisfying and calming. Actually an extremely cool fight.


What is the fecker making the weird noises in the blue area right before the fight?


ZOTE THE ALMIGHTY!!! save him and he will return for a surprise later


UGH. Hate this guy also


Also, how was NKG for you(assuming you did complete it)


My favorite boss
I did not complete it
I believe i was close tough
I should get back to that
Whats a charm setup you like against it?
Since I last tried I gained my favorite (RIP KS) Sharpshadow so I’ll have to change my loadout


Both quick and deep focus, shape of unn and Sharp Shadow was what i ran( i think, i did him a while ago)


What the hell are y’all doing running Deep Focus
I dont get it
I’ll never equip that


its really good with quick focus
you take the normal time to get back 2 masks
also, because NKG does double dmg…you need double healing


Im not into that, I dont plan on healing much against Grimm

Im in an awkward position now in which I have a ton of flex slots in my charm build
My normal setup currently is all the movement set (Dashmaster/Sprintmaster/Sharpshadow) + Glory and the rest are whatever slots, Hiveblood and Thorns or Grub if Im walking around, and Dreamshield + anything if Im killing bosses

I guess I could do Quick Focus+Soul Catcher, huh… but i dont wanna heeeeeeeal!!!
That would be not against NKG, since that involves -2 slots


I just killed it!
Sharpshadow + Dashmaster + Sprintmaster
Soulcatcher + Grubsong
I recorded it too even though i dont have a channel or anything
had 1 hp left :lizard:


Edit: one more time and I swear this goes into the official wiki. :slight_smile:


Could you use the font that is normally used insteas of the outdated impact please?


I am outdated myself. Please bear with me. :older_man:


How do I save him?


T T T T E E E E S S S S T T T im getting internal server errors im gonna be mad if this place is stopping me from doing my wirdsede stuff