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The Purification Crusade


Can,t agree
You are encouraged to just run past all opposition to get the speedrun doors and bosses aren,t very good either-true tanks without many attacks


agree to disagree! :grinning:


Neurolinking Mechaz0r! sounds hilarious, but that’s maybe too many things going on in a single deck. I’d love to see a list though.


I actually tried to get the collectibles.

Edit: Just noticed that I finished several days before you. I died a lot more but played much better.

@terrarius If you haven’t already check out The Messenger, it’s not as brutally hard as Celeste but still hard.
I can’t even say some of the genres as it’s a spoiler.
There’s lots of Surprises, amazing music and it’s like Ninja Gaiden.
It’s also very funny.


Yeah, thats the problem. Its just too much to fit in removal, mech, neurolink, draw, dragonlark/tracer, and the artifacts
You end up with a shortage on both sides

heres it anyway, dont play it though its trash



Looks like some of my favorite old decks mashed together.

I think you are trying to do too much at once, dedicated NoSE and BlastB0t decks are pretty bad and putting them together is unlikely to make the sum greater than its components. But it if you have fun playing with it there is no reason to change it :slight_smile:


It’s really a failed experiment, you’re right :slight_smile:
But I learned that putting NOSE and silhouette tracers in a deck is a wonderful setup for putting your opponent on suicidal aggro mode. :bulb:


EDIT: Nvm I was confused over card text.


I forgot who else here played Hollow Knight, I need help.


Protip: Just turn off the in-game sound and lose yourself to the music


Hey, someone remembers the game. How`s Godmaster going?


What now? I just picked up the game.


I played it. Watcha need help with?
Im no expert but maybe I can answer a few questions.

I hate Hornet.

Its great, all I wanted for an expansion


Godmaster has one of the most absurd challenges ive seen outside of bullet hell games.


So do I hate the bitch!

How do I beat the orange out of her? First time.

Btw, what does god master change?


What do you mean, how to beat her? In the first fight?
Godmaster does not “change” so much as “add” content, but its very much “post endgame” content so to speak so you dont need to worry about that now


General game plan on how to dodge, when to heal and how many hits needed to make her prone.


Postgame arena
If you overcome the final challenge you get a new ending-
That final challenge is beating ALL bosses+some arenaexclusive bosses without pause(die and get back to the start)+much MUCH harder versions of the final bosses at the very end of it


Notice that (at least as I remember it) she has four moves: Two are used after jumping (string ball and trepanation), and two are telegraphed on the ground (needle throw and charge); by analyzing your movement you can organize how to react, at least mentally

ok, if you actually want a walkthrough spoiler how-to-beat, think of it this way; both air attacks can be evaded by walking away from her, and both ground attacks are avoided by jumping over her- the precaution you must have is to never stay too close as not to get immediately gutted by charge, and generally position yourself either very far or kinda close to her, so that you can evade needle throw it as you jump, and not fall on it as it travels back
oh yeah, i forgot to mention, bossfights are not all that safe for healing, but the enemy generally has a stun time, which you can use to focus soul


If you already have trouble at this point you are going to ,love, the later bosses,especialy the secret postgame and DLC ones :grinning: