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Merry poopmas everybody~
Doing a l’kian art soon


Festive shenanigans to all!


Merry Christmas, remember to follow what you’re good at because passions change on a whim or maybe being passionate is what you’re good at so in that case you should just…merry christmas!

Will keep lurking and checking meme thread. @yaviey and @stormshade, I feel like you guys are seeing the madness going on the forums but seem a. not to care because ded game and no money in a ded game or b. think you will be mindlessly lynched regardless of what you say purely because of your affiliation with the evil overlord CPG.

If a, understandable, can’t expect corporations to care about peasants in poverty. If b, I would say, I don’t think most of the people here would do anything if you just tried to sympathize with our worries and concerns. You don’t have to confirm or deny any news, you don’t have to have some major announcement that you think might quell our anger, just come on down from your lofty CPG clouds and be like “I understand your worries, I still don’t have any news from the malicious and not god fearing corporation known as CPG but…” and then throw some Dooly memes in the corner to distract everyone and run away.

Just kidding obviously, but my point is just be human. That’s what a community manager is, that’s what Noa did that made him so likable. I’m seeing some weird stuff go down in the forums and I can’t help but think if someone could just be the peacekeeper and bring the community together, maybe things could feel a bit more hopeful?

I don’t know if it’s just wishful thinking on my part…of course this is all just suggestions, the world will keep moving with or without this community, with or without Duelyst, and based on their relations with their playerbase, with or without CPG.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Here’s to hoping you and yours have a most excellent day. In fact, I hope your whole week is well.

As for 2019, it’s going to be a year of change for me. I’ll moving into a new place next month and looking for more opportunities to improve myself at work. It’s great to have my foot in the door, but I’m nowhere near the end of my career path. I have a lot of work to do to elevate myself to a more comforatble place. Also, I think I’m going to finally start taking better care of myself. It’s been too long since I’ve walked into the doctor’s office.

Obviously, I’ve not been posting much but I assure you all I’m still lurking around. It’s been a great time here on the forums and still is.


Merry Christmas to you, friend!


As true as that may be, I will never forget you and the other wonderful humans or apache attack helicopters, lol I have met here.


Ehem. https://discord.gg/rcXXdZJ

Y’all should play Celeste.

It’s a good game.

It just kind of hurted my hands… a lot.


Oh, I played that. Almost to completion. No particular reason I quit, I just accidentally drop things all the time. Its nice.


I just beat it earlier today with a total play time of 15 hours 22 minutes with 4693 deaths.

Going to do the harder levels, I just can’t right now. I can only take so much pain.


I need to tune this a bit, but I’m starting to like what happens in this deck:

If this evokes any reactions, please share! :slight_smile:


Anger, annoyance, disappointment and outrage. But that is just me, as I hate NOSE Vet.


Whats going on with the mechs?
Ive tried Mech Vet with Neurolink and THorn + Projection, but I couldnt make it work
It was with Zirix though, but actually Sajj probably has more use for Forcefield/Frenzy/Ranged
In fact, I cant play with mech decks at all. Does anyone have a guide or something

Edit: I actually found an attempt at Ascension Sajj + Mech here, but it looks like garbage


What the hell, Flygon


You are still at the start of your journey

*no idea why i have so many deaths on the summit A

Celeste was exceptional-didn,t find any platformer of similar quality.
Just like i can,t find a RPG as good as crosscode
Or a action game as good as monsterhunter world

These games spoil you and make it hard to go back to anything else within their genres


You know whats better than world? 4 Ultimate, fight me.


4 Ultimate has far more content,especialy the lategame offers ALOT
But world has overall alot more fluid gameplay
Its a quality vs quantity question

4U had so much BS that makes it hard to come back to it
-G has no solo scaling
-Quite a number of attacks that have no windup animation and come out instnatly(instant chargeattacks and tailspins)
-on normal 3ds multiplayer can realy tank the framerate
-Relic hunting(through world has also the equaly stupid deco hunting)
-Apex monsters for solo players
-,incomplete, weaponmovesets compared to world
-poor weapon balance(LS got nerfed into oblivion whereas chargeblade and IG are unbelieveably OP)
-lack of breathing world
-lack of worlds many QOL additions
-lv140 monsters are kinda insane,i saw a frenzy lv 140 brachydios who ran 3-4 times as fast as a hunter :confused:
-some BS ,mechanics,. For example Shagaru magala has his RNG explosions, stygian zinogre has his homing dragonballs, frenzy brachydios has the chance to cancel the recovery of his attacks,—


Speaking of platformers, yesterday I noticed that I am into sidescrollers; I played Fortune Summoners, Chimera Monster Girls, Dust Tale, Momodora IV, Yissa Deep Realms, Hollow Knight, and Touhou Luna Nights. Anyone know other cool ones around?


Salt and sanctuary


True, but the BS and G rank/ 140 difficulty made it fun.


Dead cells