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The Purification Crusade


Why only one Marduk


Its effect is permanent, so no need for more.


You mean Portal? Yes, it’s absolutely distasteful.


It’s not permanent, it only lasts until Marduk leaves the field.


Just had an amazing chess game.
30 minutes for each player—
We basicly didn,t trade any material for the first 30-40 minutes and kept contesting mid
It ended with him running out of time and me having 20 seconds left(and 3 points more than him)
20 seconds more and it would have been a whole 1 hour match


I have reached a point in my life when Christmas poses no more significance than Home Alone reruns on television.


I honestly get more mad at it then happy.

I like sleeping in.


How come you can’t sleep in on Christmas? Church?


My 21 year old brother wakes me up.


Christmas for me means spending time at grandma’s house, with a loud-ass family bugging me in the background, with an open sketchbook nearby, unable to concentrate in drawing anything
Ive spent quite a few new years alone, slept in once or twice, generally not as bad as it sounds, but I think this year my friends and I are gathering to play MTG


Sounds lovely. Happy holidays.


Sounds like a good time to me. :+1:


We drafted MTG last year. It was all good, till I lost, and broke up with my ex

For you all too!

By the way, does anyone have plans for 2019, or something? I dont think Ive ever really done this kind of thing with such a long deadline. To me its much better to set a smaller goal for the week.


We as you already know I have a philosophy project due for March.

Other than that I want to push myself even further in school.


Not fuck up school. :weary:


God damn, Im so glad I picked the least secure path possible and have no worries about failing uni because what the fuck is an animation degree gonna get me lol
In my third year of high school, I transferred from a top one to a shitty one just so I’d not have to worry about it
It was shitty, but from what I hear my friends say, I have no regrets
Life got much better since

Do you guys have a degree plan in mind?


Economics or psychology. My parents want me to be a doctor but nope. :eyes:


Everything is fluctuating as I’m intrested in so much.


Psychoanalysts are doctors too!
I was in Lacan classes for a while, the teacher said most people who get to them arrive through the process of “ive been to every single possible doctor and my problem is not healed”- arriving finally at the doc of the cure through speech. there is some subtext about psychoanalysis dealing with what science rejects (“there’s nothing wrong with you”), but Im not classified to talk about this stuff

That sounds pretty good

Back in HS I really wanted to not do art, cause I thought I loved money. Then I witnessed some really good art and decided that money aint shit next to that.


I’ve only got 2 plans for 2019 at the moment.

The first one is to simply keep my twitch channel growing, although I don’t know what sort of target to aim for yet, so I’m keeping it vague that way I have a low bar to beat. Since on the 27th of December will be exactly 3 months since I started streaming and I hit the follower target I made for myself at the start of the month, last night. Which is pretty cool to me at least. Might make a bit of an ambitious target for the end of January, but I still have time to think about that, since the follower goal bar keeps breaking so its a bit of pain to keep fixing it.

The second goal which is being ambitious, is to try and earn enough money from streaming to buy my brother a birthday present for his birthday for when it comes around in March. I don’t think its a realistic goal, but would be a pretty cool achievement if it ends up happening.