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I check this place daily just to see if bandai makes the expansion announcment that they promised at “”“q4"”".


Let’s be honest, it’s not going to happen. If it were, we’d have news about it now. If they wanted it to be a big surprise, it would go over a lot better in a fresh and lively game rather than one that’s been lacking support for 9 months.

At this point, I’m certain the game is in a state of coasting to death. Cut the support but keep the game online for what little profit it can provide.


Yes. Sadly. It seems, at this point, to be a logical conclusion.

Oh well. I’ll still be here…until here is no longer here.


I know.


Yeah, it’s kinda sad.
It actually ills me more that they promised something but hasn’t delivered. I wouldn’t have had to keep hoping and checking this place to see if there’s any news or updates - but every time i get dissappointed. If they intend to ditch this project and leave it to rot, i’d rather have them break the news to me asap than to drag it until the literal end of the year.


Q4 Or SuE MoRe


did you know the songhai empire died to cows?


Trying chess…accidently accepted remi because i thought my opponent offered surrender and threw victory away
Either way im getting pushed to my limits-at the starting elo of 1000 :frowning:

Seems like i realy suck at chess right now



mu, mu mu, mu, mumu mu, muuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Ah, i can still remember perfectly the noise.


Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the celebration, but I have a couple of videos. Take a look at this one:

Sorry for the low quality of basically everything. And also, this is the first time I play melodica, so don’t judge me too harshly. It was one of the presents :slight_smile:


Nice! I can’t play any instruments, so I never judge anyone who makes an attempt that sounds halfway decent…it’s always going to be better than anything I try!

It looks like the day was a smashing success. Thank’s for sharing!

Gets me thinking…
At some point I may upload a snippet of my life…


Mech Furnace!

This deck has no answers. Just melt your enemies in the flaming metal glory.

Yay or nay?


Given the Kujjies, perhaps a couple of Amplifications ain’t out of the scope?


this is beautiful


Why not use Project Omega? That card needs to see more love.



Also, now that you evoke this, i’m thinking on the hilarious cascade potential of a post-Hatefurnace Deceptib0t.


Pointlessness sublimated to an art form.

@gsvalhalla Oh, I don’t have Project Omega but that’d be hilarious.
@zanestheargent OMG you are right, I will need to try this.


Hatefurnace’s destiny only effects minions summoned from your action bar though.