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The Purification Crusade


Nice, talk about a festive choice of instruments :slight_smile: :whyistherenokazooemote:

Congrats and have a great party!


Indeed…that is how you should celebrate 30!

Call me crazy, but I’d like to see how that all goes…can we get a pic or two? If you feel like it.

Regardless, sounds like a hella great time.

I am envious. My 30 was not celebrated…well, I got dinner purchased for me and a card, but nothing else.


Watching this cartoon is another good way to start it off :wink:


Remember watching this as a kid.
They don,t sent highquality stuff like this anymore for children-today its mostly just stuff that trys to be funny but has no substance at all :frowning:


It’s just ‘cause they don’t want to risk the PR fallout of having “mature” content in a kids show these days. I hope they realise sooner than later the potential mental development they’re robbing kids of!


How about mature content in Duelyst?
We don’t ask about it nearly enough!

Pixel art, they’re only doing it right in Japan!


The reason why Duelyst is pixelated is because it’s too graphic for even the devs. Did you think Argeon was carrying an actual sword?



Ahhh, the great Abyssian boob nerf of 2015. Good times.


Do you also have it sometimes that you just can,t figure out the solution of a problem and upon seeing/hearing the solution you feel realy dumb because its actually extremely easy?


me learning programming




Boys I know dooli is the best but - eternal.

Been playing it a week and it is so deeep, the art is amazing and so is the lore


Eternal is certainly nice, and it has mobile, also, what is your favorite colour/colours?


Tonight I dreamt about


oh… oh no… ohno no no… on no.


Green for sure, valkiries are awesome.

The other one I still moving between blue and red.


My favorite deck is Rakano(red/green) armory. You build big weps, you smack face with big weps, and you have Icaria.
Second most favorite is Clockroaches. They can go real nutty


I feel like those last two should be reversed :joy:


Mmm i might give that a shot, read just a couple of things and looked at some cards, it looks similar to mtg (which is good i guess, i saw that my favourite faction, blue, got counterspell and such which i love). I’m afraid the matches would be much longer than dooli though, and that’s one of the reason i love it. Annnnd since i came back to dooli only in july i still have a ton to experiment even in the current stale meta.


Come on forum, do something funny!