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I want it now :cry:


2 food deals for those going through some holiday cravings:


Anyone playing Beastbound Savage? Or is it too much of a risk dropping him at 5 mana with no immediate board effect?


Yes, it is… although with Inner Focus he might be ok sometimes as a 2-card Makantor? Still pretty underwhelming.


Play Abjucator while an inner focus, 2x killing edge and Beastbound Savage at hand for 20 damage next turn. But that really ridiculous OTK to begin with…


Play abjudicators for Mitotic Induction,egg hatch and rebuke for that 14 dmg serpenti otk :sweat:
@cookedpoo *totaly my own idea


If FPS can,t be locked-does it mean a game always eats up your hardware?
eXceed 3rd,a old game doesn,t have v-sync or any kind of FPS lock-as a result i have around 6000-7000 fps there-wondering if that stresses my hardware and if so how i can limit it to 60


18 damage with GF :sirpenti:


Finished exams today. Feeling simultaneously happy and suicidal.


Happy Birthday!!!


Wuewwa fwites mwonstews shouwd cii tu it wat in wa pwocess he dwahs not becum a mwonstew. Und ef wu gaze wong enuff into an abwyss, za abwyss wiww gaze bwak intwo wu. owo


The fck did I just read? Did pillow come back?


ai fwund ah hewwo twanswatew uwu

ta piwwo newew weft


Happy Birthday, @halcyon98!


I forgot about here…


Having alot of fun with red titan

List could need some fine tuning though-advice would be nice(not liking the power ranking versions)


“Here” is relative…

I haven’t forgotten about you…so there’s that, I suppose.



Any big plans for your birthday?

Which, I assume, it is…technically…in your part of the world.

You may be asleep currently, for all I know.

Have a great day!



I have great plans for tomorrow. Throwing a big party in a pub. I have lots of friends playing various musical instruments. We are going to play piano, guitar, balalaika, harmonica, kazoo and whatever else they bring, sing songs and drink lots of beer…and whatever else they bring :joy: I’m 30, so I decided I want this era of life to start with noise :slight_smile:


Oh, and i suppose the origin of Reeeeeee