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The Purification Crusade


First the idea,than efficiency.
Gambler has probably the most infuriating RNG next to grimes ,thats why hes automaticly a 3 off here


They’re gonna make it cost 10 and give it to Dragon


Gambler + Shadow Reflection :ok_hand:

Been there, done that…


This deck can only accept the combos provided by the RNG God. :pray:
The Shadow Reflection I got from Sworn Sister L’Kian once went to the ranged provoke Elkowl. :smiley: But I can see how Gambler can abuse it :rofl:

Another spectacular use of Shadow Reflection I currently run is with Scarzig, Feather Knight. 18 damage surprise. :fist_right:


Youre right-lets remove lure and punish because they are RNG too
Also must play lilithe because its the only abyssian BBS with RNG


The RNG God will provide.


I see you are a true worthyper. The RNG God will provide a lot to you.


How about adding Hsuku instead of orbo? Hsuku can make super weird minions; whereas orbo just gives you regular minions.


There we go-TRUE RNG abyssian

Something about it reminds me of suicide abyssian :thinking:


Plz do evil smirk


Actually, Orbo does provide Legendaries, which tend on the average to be high mana cost cards… Playing Orbo on a hand of 4 like in this deck is a surprisingly reliable way to get a win condition.

Although let’s be clear, the deck is complete junk :wink:

I need to try hsuku, probably in a swarmy deck. I’m not going to craft it though, I’m going to wait for it to come naturally.


“So, do you like petite ladies or mature ones?”


RNG + suicide. Riftwalker + Mirrorim + Blood echoes, nethersummon, Zurael, etc. You got the idea.

I had such deck and called it Russian Roulette. It also had Xor :slight_smile:


AAAND the poll is closed, thanks to everyone who voted! I guess im writing my lore entry for Songhai.


Quiet around here…well…

Not now, I guess…


You actually don’t want hsuku on a swarmy deck, because you want the buffs to go on a big, sticky minion.


Playing through Valkyria Chronicles 4 now. Compared to the first game of the series, the missions are more diverse and provide more tactical freedom, but the story and characters are pretty generic…sadly, unlike VC1 and, especially, 3.

All in all, the game is really good though, the series is one of my favorite and I insist on any tactics/anime fan playing it ASAP. I personally am having lots of fun. The series is very special in its gameplay features and artstyle, it’s an original experience.

Steam Xmas sale is near :wink:

I would recommend the first game though if you never played it.

Has anyone here tried Mutant Year Zero, btw? I’m thinking of buying it.


“Q4 content”

December Login Event & Sale

Big fan of ValChron 1.

Haven’t played the others, sadly.


Others are PSP only and Japanese only. But there are emulators and fan translations :wink:

VC2 is pretty bad though.