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The Purification Crusade





It may be tempting-but you must stay strong and resist the meta!
Don,t let vet deceive you with promises of free elo-they only bring cancer


Time to play Replace Zirix? :wink:


Happy Cakeday, @snowshot!


wait longshot changed his profile pic?

I really have been gone


Not sure I can really tell; Songhai, Vanar and Abyss have a pretty even split of cards I like
But since I wanna see the results, Vanar it is, for its the one Ive played most out of the three

If you ever see me playing Lyonar, please… kill me


@terrarius it’s fiiiine it’s not like i play dervish

I’m trying Azure summoning into theobule but it just won’t fly AAAYE GET IT? GET IT?

I’ll see myself out now. no really though i can’t make it work

is the hate on healnar? or lyonar in its entirety?


It’s kinda my schitck.

Well, that and hating the low-life, scum-sucking, like-monger Isbee.


I’d guess burn healnar. Nobody complains about Gym Zir’an.



I lol’d irl, in 15 chars


Well nwardezir…I fold. :money_mouth_face:

Some of you will know what I’m talking about.


Lyonar, all of it
Okay, not all of it? One could make compelling arguments about that
In practical reasons, all of it
every time someone plays a 3/5 provoke, or a scintilla…
You know, im not gonna start naming stuff, nevermind that, no long lists from me, nope


silverguard is the literally 50% the value of bringing mindlathe. the other 50 is ragebinder


Very true.




Hey, look, a thematic excuse to reprint D-Shift.


Only 1 gambler?
What madness is this?


Well there should have been zero Gamblers, and maximum Orbos… But I have collection constraints.

Besides, Gambler without an attack buff? Which makes me realize that the game lacks a random attack buff. :slight_smile: That would bring life back to the forum discussions.