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How many seasons has it been since you haven’t placed S again? Forever?

When was the last time you placed anything other than S?


Well there’s your problem right there, you posted it during nnn. No one can watch stuff like that during nnn


What is your 3rd most favorite faction, just curious :wink:

  • Lyonar
  • Songhai
  • Vetruvian
  • Abyssian
  • Magmar
  • Vanar

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I legit only play two factions, so I just went with the faction that I don’t absolutely despise

Gib me thicc Lilithe art plis


yo wtf happened to artifact


Its not duelyst


That’s a good thing.


I thought you were dead :sweat:


Apparently, has a very greedy monetisation model. From what I’ve read there is no in-game currency where you can buy packs, if you want to go the free to play route after buying the game. So you basically have to be really good at one of the draft modes if you want to earn cards without paying more money through booster packs or the marketplace. Plus you can’t refund the game after receiving/opening the initial items that you get from buying the game. Which the game only tells you in very small writing before you open them.

Which is a shame since I was planning on getting the game. But after hearing about the monetisation model before the release, I haven’t bothered and probably won’t bother looking at the game again unless something changes.


yikes. and i heard they’re just 10 boosters. Are there “proper” starter decks (ones that revolve around specific mechanics, not duelyst’s frankenstein free starter decks) at least?


I check forums once or twice a day now, only really paying attention to a few threads.


Honestly, I don’t know. Haven’t taken another look at the game. I believe there are starter cards of some sort, because people were complaining that in the boosters that it was possible to get those cards from them and those would be worthless on the marketplace. But I don’t know if those are just an assortment of starting cards and you make your own decks with them, or if they are arranged into some sort of themed starter decks. There probably is some sort of youtube video somewhere, showing the experience a new player gets.


wow that’s even sadder.


wow i’m googling further and wow…
it’s so barebones… no social features, no replays


I’d like to chip in one little bit about Artifact. It makes sense you can’t refund anything you’ve opened (I’ve been told you can refund unopened packs). Since Artifact allows players to sell cards, refunding opened packs it purchased cards allows abusing the market.

Just like any analog card game, you can’t return cards because you didn’t like them. You can sell them though. Artifact is looking to do this in a digital medium, which is pretty unheard-of.


I agree it makes sense, but I don’t know if I agree with the way its done. Since apparently you only get told that you can’t refund the game by a small line of text. I haven’t watched someone startup the game and see it all for myself to really know how small the text supposedly is. But if it is small enough to easily miss, then it is a bit misleading, as it takes away the opportunity to know when you can refund the game.

Since it’s quite widely known that you can refund games on steam as long as you’ve played less than 2 hours and owned the game for less than 2 weeks. So if people miss the text, then they would expect the “2 hours, 2 weeks” system to cover them if they want refund the game later on.


The most problematic point I see is that you should pay to buy the game, and then pay to buy cards. If only initial game was free, it could at least be understandable - it would just be equal to MTG in this sense.


Naruto and Sasuke battle for the fate of the hidden leaf village, who will emerge victorious in this battle!?!


I understand that some people have mixed feelings about paying for the game, or for paying for some modes. However, these really don’t matter that much, because each of their costs are justified.

Paying for the game is justified because you get 10 packs and 5 event tickets. The packs alone are worth $20 (since packs sell at $1.99 each). The tickets are free entry to the paid events, which can earn you more cards (hence why there’s a cost to play). Oh, and then there’s the 2 free pre-constructed decks too.

Each pay-to-play mode is justified in their cost as well. Each mode plays until you get 5 wins or 2 losses. As long as you get at least 1 more win than loss, you get your tickets back, meaning you didn’t actually pay anything to play. Do better than that and you come out ahead.

The only exception to this is the ‘Keeper Draft’ mode, where you have to also pay packs to play. Keeper Draft requires 2 tickets and 5 packs, but you keep all of the cards you opened in the draft. This means the 5 packs you provided to play are kept, since you open 5 packs in the draft. If you get 3 wins, you get your 2 tickets back and a free pack. At most you win 3 packs. This is the only event where you cannot earn enough rewards to play it again without earning packs somewhere else first. However, you didn’t lose any value for playing unless you got 2 or less wins (In which case you only lost tickets).

Now here’s the kicker: each pay-to-play mode has a free-to-play equivalent. Don’t want to pay for normal matchmaking? You don’t have to. Don’t want to pay for a Draft game? You don’t have to. What do you lose? The only thing you don’t get are rewards for winning. Playing the game for the sake of playing is FREE (beyond the initial cost of purchasing the game).

The only thing I feel that could be worth changing is this: Make the game free to install and play, so you can have players in the free-to-play modes without the $20 entry (even though you keep that value and more in cards/tickets). Then, allow a one-time only special that grants the 10 packs and 5 tickets for $20. THIS, is the only thing I really feel their marketing model could do to improve.

But ultimately, there is just one thing that really bothers me about Artifact…

I want Duelyst to succeed more

But that won’t happen if they don’t support their own game :man_shrugging:


well i guess that makes it less greedy than i thought. monetization is still weird tho

i’m still not sold on “2 free preconstructed” though. that kind of thing only feels good if you get to choose from a set of 6+ variants. it’d be like buying physical precontructeds then