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The Purification Crusade


Good. I’ll sink myself there once i get on a machine allowed to touch Dropbox.
Now to get TEH REBAININ RED BOIS to add more recent stuff to it.


Isn’t it an abhorrently huge file?



I deleted Duelyst. Now that I’m a 11th grader I don’t have time to spend on anything non-college related.


Hah! Just wait ‘till you actually get to college, you’ll wish you had spent even more time getting (your resume and finances) ready! :joy:


So…at least for you…


Do consider staying in touch with us here.


Don’t worry, I still have to judge for the lore contest. You haven’t seen the last of me!


Shhh, don’t say it loud. There are people on these forums touchy on the subject :rage:


What do you prefer?

  • Never nerf Magmar
  • Delete Magmar

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Where’s the buff magmar option? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Where is the “Slightly nerf, but not kill off” option


Wait, are we thinking for a second this is serious talk?:thinking:


A shady house smashed, oil on canvas


Maybe the real Magmar are the friends we Delete along the way :thonk:



Going through these clips feels like watching the bloopers/extended scenes you get from movie dvds


so this is the prophecy that was unearthed :sweat:

(dont tell anyone that the expansion came out a month before i made that prophecy)


you forgot to equip the damn thing


When you practise 20 hours to 1CC a shmup…

And less than 50 people watch it–
And these people only watched 3.6 percent of the video on average…