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The Purification Crusade


twitter for full art


Forget Kaleos Xaan, Kawaieos-chan is the new truth.

Also. Knowing myself i WILL shitpost the entirety of Ryousen’s fake card names into actual shitty designs, so lets get started with the most glorious of all:


You actually drew cat girl Kaleos. :eyes:


Huh. Interesting that the transition to communism would make the Darwinist Russians into clankers.

I hope they at least kept the two headed messenger eagles, (or at least immortalized them into clanker form) those things were epic!


GOG Black Friday sale has Arcanum at a good discount
glad i have a chance to finish it this time @alplod


Gl, bro.

Afaik, GOG corrected some bugs, while I have an old bugged version, so I may also be interested in buying this.


This is actually real _ : _

The nightmares :sweat:


Happy Birthday, @duzt!


Thank you @isbee :tada:


Man I’ve been busy, now that this term is ending this week. How’s everyone doing?


Please send help


Is everything alright?



It’s called a dingding :joy:


where is the discord server again? I’ve started using the app


Happy Cakeday, @d5dr4k3!
Happy Cakeday, @lefthook!


I kinda need all the official art i can find, where i can get stuff besides the artstation account, if anyone knows?


Do you have the Duelyst artkit bundle downloaded?


Gibe me teh limk ploz


It’s old. But maybe you can still find it useful.

Heer iz ta lenkz.

6800! Woot.