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Don,t know(15char)


BTW i found these masterpieces on youtube


Tell me why all the Wanderer Rag players are still not in S yet.


Thanks, Isbee! I didn’t know this was a thing lol. I miss having all the time in the world to derp around the forums <3


Well, I have the forum up on my phone 24/7…


I check at least 24 times a day…:sweat_smile:


Anyone want sum nut milk?


Because some of them lack the skill required to get there. A powerful deck like Wand Rag will certainly give you the edge against other players, but if you play like a complete idiot and your opponent abuses that there is no surprise you will lose even with the best deck in the world.


Is she inside? :no_mouth:

Oops, I see I’m not the only smartass here :rofl:


Why isn’t Magmar here?


I was in England recently. Their current toilet designs are wide,square instead of
round, and higher than those in the US (though I don’t know where you’re from).


Well, I’m very fond of Jrpg turn based playstyle. I agree, that most of them are not very strategic, but they are about resource management. Will you kill this opponent fast with spells and items to conserve HP, or are you going to conserve MP and items on this one to kill more dangerous foes faster? There’s some thought and planning in this.


Not realy if you can bring infinite consumeables to refill
Biggest problem with traditional turnstyle is the complete lack of strategic play
Stack speed or whatever it is called and spamm your most powerfull AOE attacks
Bosses?Spamm your most powerfull single target attacks (which the boss is preferably weak to)with an occasional buff,debuff and healing spell inbetween


Inventory space is often limited.


Kinda sad that some people touch upon a real good JRPG in life and never ever can accept the pit of recurring disaster that is JRPG as a genre like me… had to relate to @terrarius on this one… :magsad:


I can play anything I want in Silver, right?

Shootout to @snowshot because Lady Locke is awesome.


tbf looks actually decent


As a master ao locke and the creator of engineer locke (locke + walls) you will want the following changes -

You need more ramp - mdg is nice.
Aspect of the mountain - you don’t need three, use two you are about to suicide your walls anyway.
I strongly prefer cloudcallers instead of blades, more damage, and global range.

Aspect of the bear is a nice touch, however - since we want walls to do most of the hitting then hailstone prison is a great control tool.

Lucost is a nice touch too:)

This is one of the tens of versions i used to ran that actually controled well all the way to a killing locke combo.



I forgot to mention that I was not a fan of their toilets.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be celebrating it!