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I made two eggs over easy this morning. I am a master chef…:upside_down_face:


Sweet! I haven’t played spyro since PS1 days.


Well alrighty then…


So, I read that Artifact is having a sort of public backlash on release over its greedy cash-grabbing model.

Duelyst stays the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you explain ?

Im realy looking forward to artifact


Same, but just looked at an article about the monetisation model which made it sound like you have to pay for everything. The equivalent mode to Duelyst Gauntlet sounds very unforgiving and the rewards don’t sound like its worth doing. But its hard to know for certain since I haven’t seen the game in action other than 2/3 mins of a match. Could be overblown, or could be a justified reaction. But its probably justified as a whole, if it is as greedy as it sounds.


To whoever thought that it was a good idea to make toilet seats curve inwards; I hate you. The curvature ensures that any paper toilet seat cover falls into the bowl within a millisecond of placement.



sure id join.
id help mod too, when im around


If they bent the other way they’d be very uncomfortable though


They don’t even need to curve, they can just lay flat


Ah yes…the science of toilet seat design. There are people out there responsible for such things.


Speaking about hopes-
Many months ago a game called grace of zordan was about to release-gameplay seemed realy strategic and it would probably be rather decent if things wouldn,t look like this…


any good single player anime games?
I play crosscode btw


I remember seeing the game on steam. Didn’t keep up with how it was doing though.

@loliconartist Recettear, its mostly about item selling. I have other anime kind of games but haven’t played them enough to recommend like Fairy Fencer F.


Does the JoJos bizarre adventure drinking game count?


Crosscode should last for a long time-even though i skipped basicly all the side content,didn,t grind and beat challenges fairly fast i still had 35 hours at the end.

Problem with most anime games:they are JRPG

Problem with most JRPG:they may have awesome characters and storys,but their gameplay sucks most of the time . You either get these realtime pseudo-group battlesystems or even worse turnbased.

I have come to the conclusion that strategy combat actually offers less strategic deph than action combat:while it may be harder to get into strategy combat,once you learned it you will execute the same strategy in almost every fight.Its realy hard for strategy games,especialy turnbased ones,to make enemys that demand unique approaches.Meanwhile in action combat you can just give enemys different patterns or weakspots that only get exposed if you use the correct techniques during the right moment:now the player is forced to change his approach when coming across new enemys

Going to dig into my libary to find something decent


IMPORTANT:steam sale likely starts this week

its hard to dig correctly:what do you define as anime game?Are character portraits or models with big eyes already enough?What do you want?Decent story and characters or real gameplay?


best games you got that are remotely anime themed, cuz this guy has a blog where he uploads any anime games for free on request.

I.E ni no kuni II counts and is on his blog. so is stuff like nier automata or VN’s like steins;gate.

in other words I just need fun ideas of what to get him to upload. I enjoy action games like hyperlight drifter and rain world.


Decent stealth games with ,kinda, anime look:
mark of the ninja,aragami,invisible inc

Strategy games.
-banner saga seems quite animeey,but didn,t play it so can,t say anything about its quality

Action games
-Bastion has a kinda anime look.it has amazing gameplay and moving narrative

Does touhou count?

I know alot more-but since i value gameplay above else i would consider none of them noteworthy.Stuff like Xenoblade chronicles or tales of _____ ?..i don,t care that they offer decent characters and storys,since their gameplay sucks they are pathetic videogames.I would rather watch an actual anime than playing one of these games that give me chunks of decent storys and characters to than interrupt the narrative flow with their lacking gameplay

Im a bit sad-crosscode was such an amazing game.I wish i knew something similar.
Imagine a large scale JRPG with crosscode combat and dungeons :cry:


ok thanks!

btw how do I pass the hidden floating islands in bergen trail
lofty heights or whatever