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The Purification Crusade


I would be happy to do a Korean translation, for free. But it’s probably illegal or something.


what is this even


What are the left and right most minions? I don’t recognize those silhouettes


Then you do it, mail it to 'em, and watch if they implement or not. And give you 3 core orbs.


It’ll take a lot of time though. But if there’s even a confirmed 2% chance my translations would be used, I’d get working.


Anyone here planning to play Fallout 76?

If you want, I would be happy to serve as a tour guide for my home state…:blush:

…or you can form a hunting party and try to snuff me out…

Whichever one suits you.


Left one is Bloodletter. The right one I don’t know. Could be one of Kron’s tokens, the one with flying.


Excuse me, the name’s Facestriker



This still triggers me somehow immensely, even though nobody beyond Bronze uses that card



…yeah. I’m well aware. It doesn’t make me any less of a sucker, though. :rofl:


I’ve been meaning to create a generalised discord server for quite some time now and now I feel pushed to do it so I want your thoughts.

Would you join a discord server that not everyone in there has even touched Duelyst and it’s more so for people to chill out?

Tagging: @longshot405, @saltystabwound, @halcyon98, @loliconartist, @yahlunna and @alexx55 as I know you lot use discord.


I’m a fallout fanboy (been playing since the first fallout) but 76 looks sooooooo uninspiring. I mean what’s the point without a deep story & npcs?


My guess is that the players are supposed to build the world and create their own stories…mostly. It’s a lofty goal. Maybe it’ll turn out awesome…or maybe it’ll all end with everyone fighting each other for limited resources and the rich getting richer…



I just finished crosscode.Can realy recommend it if you like action RPG in the style of zelda.(combat and puzzles)
It offers:

-dungeons that can easyly compete with zeldas best(the puzzles are amazing-extremely varied)
-very deep combat that implements puzzle-elements realy often
-amazing bosses
-decent lengh (i ignored most sidecontent,didn,t grind at all and it still took me 35 hours to beat)
-neat story and characters,i didn,t think that i would end up invested into the story and characters until the halfwaypoint-twist struck)

Here is a boss of the later stages of the game to give you an idea of the combat

I was realy amazed by the game-didn,t expect much.


College made me into a better cook. I made dumplings with my girlfriend!


You aren’t supposed to stuff the dumplings with human parts…


The Spyro remake is pretty fun so farToys%20for%20Bob%20Ross


Eh sure why not


Sure. As long as you make me mod and let me ban whoever I want.