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The Purification Crusade


Well unlike some people I pay to go do work early in the morning instead of being paid to go do work early in the morning.



…Blood? Sweat? Tears? All?


@boronian, happy cakeday!


I’m working on 2 full time jobs atm, so your discussion seems childish, @isbee and @mmf.

Please continue, you’re so cute :slight_smile:


And whose fault is that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Government, of course.


Pls take me away from Brazil i don’t wanna die send help


Not a joke, sadly :disappointed_relieved:

My mother-in-law is currently hosting an exchange student from Brazil. His father is a political activist and would rather have his son stay in the USA to finish his schooling. Also, I think his father is trying to move to Canada. It’s getting bad down there.


Well, shucks…:smirk:
Isbae is far and away much cuter than I, though. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


guys i just found some dueylst devs on a certain online community. Can you give me some good classic duelyst memes?

also glad to see you guys still somewhat alive and poppin.


Yeah, we are ghosts… but still here.

There hasn’t been any real memes since the early part to middle of the second thread.


“Q4 content wen.”



IDK where to post this, so I guess “thread for everything” will do. @deathsadvocate another idea for you for Releaser: “When this breaks, summon an Abomination nearby your General. It gains +1/+1 for each point of damage taken with this Artifact.” In other words, taking 2 damage to the face 3 times summons a 6/6 Abomination (or any other token, but I think this one fits the best).


Happy Cakeday, @littlebelsprout!




It could even be a boat!


Mainly money. The others are reserved for finals



Well. They’re not fully lying.


I’m starting to get tempted by that rare/epic bundle to speed up building cards for factions I barely own any stuff for… well, I guess I’ll join the pack of “if there’s any new content, then u can haz sum monies” people :man_shrugging:


I’d be too if wasn’t for the absurd price ratios between BRS and USD, which makes even a medium package painfully spicy for me :V