The Purification Crusade


-same with rebuke and plasma :sweat:


SMB is sub 4:55 rn iirc.


Gigantomachia is pretty cool.


Actually, it’s fucking awesome.


This episode…it sums up the story so well :joy:


Pretty good, right? :eyes:


Can someone explain why I got an ancient bonds orb out of gauntlet despite I already owning all the cards in there? I feel really like the gold got cheated out of me, I still don’t have the cards to try out any new decks properly.


First of all,both ancient bonds and rise of bloodborn got fused together, and packs operate like normal packs, so you should be happy for free spirit


Thanks for reply.
I guess I need to git gud or stay out of gauntlet considering the returns are a bit worse with those orbs diluting the pool.


Not necesarrily? Remember that it is still free spirit, so you can simply make said new cards, but you do you(i guess)


Stan Lee died fellas.

Press f.


So fucking depressed right now.


For the longest time I thought Stan Lee was a bread/baked goods brand.



To the man, the best card.



That giant walking tin suit is not a man.


F boiyos

check out the quotes page


Happy Cakeday, @boronian!


Hey Isbee,


I do have to get up early for my job sometimes.

What is your reason for being awake enough to chide me on my sleeping habits? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hey, mmf…

Pretty much what I feel…all the time. Except for when I don’t.