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Hearthstone is also mobile so i really don’t get what’s the big deal. Blizzard, one the probably only seven companies that actually made a good mobile game, makes another one. It’s not like they made the game the “future of diablo” or something right?


The thing is, that everyone:
1)was expecting the announcment of Diablo 4
2)knew that the mobile game would turn out like HS, aka, P2W and require high amounts of grind to even catch up (its probably gonna have that damned VIP system)


ooooh i guess it’s kinda like that C&C announcement huh?

pardon me, but what VIP system? I’m not really familiar with Diablo and I haven’t encountered it in HS


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


hey, it’s less buggy than duelyst
and the singleplayer experience is topnotch


Im not talking about HS or diablo, but if you play any other Mobile RPG you will encounter a “VIP” system, that gives you more benefits/things to do, the more you invest cash into game


Few more things to add:

You can tell the quality of a mobile game if it has a PC/console support.

  1. Do YoU lIkE nOt HaVe PhOnEs?
  2. No questions about monetisation where brought up so most people already knew it was going to be scummy and exploitative of some sort.

Stocks most likely dropped due to shitting managing of the situation.


Silver Vaath smash is fun #remakeVaathattackanimationintoOraOraOra


Just had this clown fiesta of a gauntlet game:


I’m feeling into becoming a magmar apologist for today, how should i begin?


by deleting Magmar?

Maybe Buildmar? Buildmar is pretty fun.


Buildmar would be extremely good if it weren,t countered by magmar :sweat:





Im trying to get into ARPG but failing to determine my motivation and playstyle

-since i can outgear and cheese all challenges(damage and retreat for autoheal to eventually win you the fight) playing for the challenge is certaily not the motivation
-Am i supposed to explore all maps and kill all enemys i come across or should i beeline towards the objective since skipping early maps as fast as possible,even if that means missing powerfull secret artifacts,means i reach the later levels faster which give me much better gear?(skipping everything would be the best approach if my motivation was reaching the highest powerlevel as fast as possible)

Futhermore im generaly in a crysis of what i want in games-i guess i want skillbased combat,thats why i avoided tales of berseria during the sale because despite having a decent story it lacked skillbased combat.But is it fair to give ARPG a pass than?Technicly they are even less skill based-numbers vs numbers without smart combatstrategys or distinct enemy patterns that allow clutch dodges


Well, I’m 14 days late but I saw it, I just got back, boot camp OP pls nerf.


I got Flash Decispiked today. Apparently, just outplaying Magmar isn’t enough; you have to outplay by more than 10 Health.


Whenever i think i found the limit of how tough a SP game can get, im proven wrong

Would rather go into the washmashine

than trying perfect speedruns


TAS doesn’t count.



then please keep duelyst alive -_-