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The Purification Crusade



And if it hadn’t before

Now it has.


How much effort did that take?


No clue as it wasn’t me.


Happy Cakeday, @wardl!


@duzt regarding your card in the contest


Wait. Isn’t that supposed to be “delete magmar”?


The irony is diluted in a sense where nerfing Magmar really is a wise choice.


delete songhai*


no one responded to it for five days :slight_smile: auto-closed, but I’ve gone and reopened it now


(Click the image to reveal more)


Ohohoh, stupid phone.

Now it makes sense. :heart:




why was there such a backlash? I haven’t looked much into it yet but the game actually seems pretty interesting. Diablo i can play anywhere and with a bunch of other people sounds great.


Drew a friend for the mnemovore, isn’t as nice because i couldn’t quite capture the glowy effect so it looks like its encased in jelly.


The problem is the black outline around the light. Take it off and blur the edge or outline it with a lighter shade of yellow instead.


Hey, ill give it a shot!


It’s butter, and serves the important purpose of rust prevention!


They announced it last, they expected backlash and they didn’t prep for it.