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My, I’m flattered.


Not bad, not bad :clap:


Today I found myself obsessed with Sans battle theme from Undertale. Definitely in my top 2 game themes ever.

Even tried to play it on piano, but I guess I need more time to learn it, it’s not that easy.


Reminds me of this

My favourite gaming track is always going to be this


My favorite is probably this one:

Attention! 8-bit sound detected!


To me it is not very impressive-likely because i can,t assosiate anything with it


Yeah, I agree that matters. The theme happens to be from one of my favorite series :slight_smile: And also from probably the first really hard battle there.


I’m actually sad that I don’t get to use it often, it’s my favorite version of orange chicken!


Too funny!


I looked at this for a moment and can’t help but think…
Is that a snood? but where is it hanging from?


My favorite game soundtrack is Nier. It’s very hard to pick out a particular track I like most but if I had to share one now, it’d be Kaine - Salvation. It strikes a chord with me right now.

As for retro stuff, I still really enjoy the soundtrack of an old NES game I played as a kid: Little Nemo.

ALSO: While it’s on my mind, the Octopath Traveler OST is astounding. I love it a lot.



Quick draw of a Mnemovore (1 sitting) Is pretty trash


I say it’s good.


I realy don,t like showing off my skills as an artist since it depresses all the other inferior ones.But this drawing of yours forces me to show off my version to keep the quality of art here acceptable.


Please refrain from publishing your art too much on the Internet as it’s going to spread, and will force art museums across the world to close out of shame.



You say this as if the fact that your post still exists doesn’t already confirm that we have no standards.


This thread has standards!.. and his post fits them perfectly :slight_smile:


What happened to @phantomgoth, btw? His quote thread is closed. I hope everything is alright, loved the thread.


Summon a mod. @alexicon1

Please make Quotes thread eternal. It does serve a purpose.