The Purification Crusade


Now every time you read my posts you’ll read it in a German accent.


Tryed to get into JRPG-those that are known for their good storys and characters.
Problem is:all those i know have terrible combat.Both turnbased and actionbased JRPG usualy offer too little deph,too little variety.Its sad-imagine a JRPG with divinity:original sin or soulslike combat :sweat:


I don’t know if you brought it up because of the graphics as that felt like I randon thought but Shadowverse happends to have JRPG graphics as their artists are ex-Final Fantasy artists.


Currently watching Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken
The first episode wasn,t that good-but the second realy got me laugh :joy:
OP slime protagonist swalloing everything in a monster-infested cave to steal their skills


Glad you found an anime that isn’t blocked in your country!


Magmar daddy establishing dominance over other tribemen


Happy Cakeday, @anjosustrakr!


You dare summon me to this disgusting pit?

Good job! :+1:


Even Dooly thinks I’m a Magmar main now :smile:




Holy Mankantor…






Hey, came back to duelyst after long break. Hows the game been doing? Queue times seem longer than it used to be.


Magmar meta, with Zirix, Reva, and Zir’an being strong contenders. Singleton Highlander decks are dominating.


Hey, buddy! Welcome back!


Wanderer decks and Ragnora are considered top tier, with Fault Zirix, Ziran and Titan being next in the line.

The playerbase has shrunk dramatically, so yeah, queue times went up drastically.

We haven’t had a patch since May and no sign of getting one any time soon.

Other than that it is same old Duely, you can still make effective anti-meta decks or just prevail by pure skill if you are good enough (which is even easier nowadays due to the playerbase size).

Also, welcome back. We could always use more returning players :slightly_smiling_face:


The game’s playerbase is dropping like lemmings.

We don’t know if we’re going to get another expac.

Meta has gotten stale.

I’m here only on the forums, I don’t play this game anymore, I just like the people.


Rare footage of CP,s daily work