The Purification Crusade


Like, if someone ask you, “Where are you from?” what would you say is the correct response?



And leave it at that unless they ask for more details.


Eastern Europe(not russia tho)



<15 chars>


I want a lot of money, and I’m going to spend it all in Cytus 2. An electronic music-based rhythm game is more or less my wet dream.


If having malicious wisps for eyes doesn’t make you dumb AND look dumb I honestly don’t know what smartness is anymore.
Also, speaking of smart, Q’orrhlma’a is THE definition of smart. Learn well from Master Qtiepie.

Man of culture I see. Personally prefer Deemo though.


is when they smack you in the head for dressing inappropriately.


Was playing a boss battle with Grove Lion, and on the bot’s last turn my General’s Forcefield just disappeared. It looked like there was some ping, but bot seemingly didn’t play any cards. It happened again in another battle and I still don’t understand how.


I opened 3 orbs and this is what the ingame script showed


Cytus 2 is apparently lowkey psychological horror, according to a buddy of mine.

Bui there’s an official Discord if you’re interested in joining.
Some of the artists are there and it’s the big gud gud.



Ok, which of you guys were saying that Mejergtregretnígjqw2enf-iuredwf, Omen of Wanderer, wouldn’t become a problem?


People are speculating like crazy what the last character in the new smash bros will be

The dude who deceides who gets into smash must be realy enjoying himself right now :joy:



I hope its Bowsette, for the meme to be turned around on the fans.


I have found a blessed image.


I have no idea what franchise the image originates from -should i be ashamed?


Weeb card game called Shadowverse. Popular in the East, not so much in the West.


Vania is from Granblue though.


bless your soul, vampy chan is my god