The Purification Crusade


I love how she said it’s a happier lifestyle just as the dog turned around


Yay trick or treat! It’s November soon! Also good times to enjoy the house warmth, sipping hot drinks and reading some nice books


Does anybody want to do some bug testing in a few friendlies with me? I think I found a bug that involves Xor stealing back minions that I stole with Grapnel but I want to do more testing before I report it.


And you thought Vanar was good at disrupting mana


also, nice rare crate


I was unpleasantly surprised from learning that Mnemovore doesn’t cause fatigue damage (or however it’s called, trying to draw with empty deck).
On the other hand, in my first game, with Mnemovore, with my fresh S-rank, I won against Wanderer Ragnora it was luck, but non the less hilarious.


It used to, still a great card that i run in my fault deck as a finisher.


If I knew this beforehand, I would have to rethink if I want to craft him.
I know there was a broken interaction with Decimus, but preventing him to deal damage at all makes him much less usable.


This was actually traditional Ramp Faie!


Happy November! Changed my profile pic.


Terrifying, i thought halloween was last month!


Panty and Stocking. Niiiice. :v:


Does Keeper of the Vale summon token minions? Can he summon another Keeper summoned earlier?


Tokens no. Keeper yes.
So you can use for example Brome BBS without fear of diluting the revival pool.
Transforming something into a token to prevent revival is a tactic.


Im actually doing it…not playing till season is halfway through to be able to meme around without getting crushed :sweat:


I actually like this profile pic. It makes me look smarter for some reason.


panty and stocking. interesting taste halcyon.


How can I not love a sexy blondie who’s not dumb?


About 10 or so minutes in Grey and Brady start talking about people’s identity and where they are from.

What would you lot say?

In my case I would say Ireland but be quick to tell them off that Northern Ireland is not the Ireland I’m talking about and that most people who just say Ireland means the Republic of Ireland.


As someone who has next to no knowledge of geographic locations: Yes, that is exactly what I think