The Purification Crusade


I really can’t grasp how you still manage to be so poetic in your mature age. I’m almost 30, and I’m already too cynical for my taste. Yeah, I have ethical compass, but I can’t say something like you’re able to say.

Or maybe I didn’t lose it, but never had it in me in the first place?

Still, you express your beautiful feelings in a beautiful way, I both respect and envy you.


Here, have a couple of other notifications, @evveses2


Ok :neutral_face:



Thank you…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We all have our own ways of enjoying our lives.

I used to be fond of mathematical endeavors, research, and applications. I gave up on engineering dreams early in college.

So as much as anyone can admire the lives and success of others, I respect and envy all my friends just the same.

Really, life is more interesting when you are willing to admit you can’t know everything; leaving room for life lessons taught by experiencing mistakes, and embracing the growth that comes from forging your own weaknesses into a lasting foundation.



Happy Cakeday, @mrmana3!


I don’t know why it says that’s today. My cake day was the 14th. About 2 weeks ago. XD


Cake day, the day you joined the Forums should be accurate :thinking::face_with_monocle:.
Not to be mixed with your birthday.

Whatever the reason, have some cake :cake: :yum:.


Yeah, what he said…cakeday is not necessarily your birthday.

But, happy belated birthday, too! :v:






Welp, I could use another reason for cake anyway. :birthday:


Gratz! Came here to post exact same thing - first time got to S. Considering if I should make a bragging topic, disguised as a deck list (it’s non-Mantra non-Knucklestorm Songhai burn I call “Song of Fire”).


Call it fun and interactive :sweat:


The last 3 ranks really blurred the line of fun and interactivity for me.
Also the deck has around 10 minions, so everything’s fair.


Keep in mind that frustration is fun :sweat:
Could you imagine anything that is more fun than getting blown up by flash wanderer,goddraw mantra,flash makantor Amplification followed up by deci spikes 2 turns later or perfect removal fault rae 6 vet?


Jokes aside, I’m kinda fine with crazy T3 lethals (like swarm into Chakram/Grimwar or Grimes shenanigans), they are fun most of the time. But when opponent is kiting or answering all your plays until they build up their hand on 7+ mana - that indeed feels frustrating sometimes.
Also, why no Healyonar combo?


Does being stuck with 2 mana while your opponent has 9 qualify?


Still the greatest screenshot I have taken of this game.

I remember that F8D got so mad when I posted the screenshot.


Midrange Vanar? Oh, it’s Cairill.


Congrats to you as well. The only bad thing for hitting S-Rank so late in the season, for me at least, is that I’ll probably won’t have the time to contest and maintain a high position. But on the positive side I know that there is a good amount of people in S-Rank this season.