The Purification Crusade


I have actually played MV several times (only in Gauntlet, but still), and for me main point of that card is that you get full hand refill and also something to play same turn. The pseudo draw alone can be game deciding in longer matches, and chances of getting something strong are really good.


I agree, and I did play it in ranked for a small time because it was the first legendary I got from Immortal Vanguard expansion before disenchanting it because I needed the spirit for other things. It was good back then, although I don’t know about nowadays because I haven’t used since Trials came.


What the fuck?


Just buff Decimus until every deck runs it, then Decispikes will be solved




What a beautiful skin… :sob:


I got Reva MK2 like this but i dont care about reva, give me either kaleos or any Abyss MK2


But 03,


Why is MKII Brome basically just a Space Marine?


because duelyst is magical warhammer change my mind


Precisely why I’m aligning myself with the Necrons for my first Warhammer thing


Nice new profile pic @longshot405. Hope you are still keeping an “eye” on isbee :eyes:


Quick to join the dark side aren’t you?


Who?! Me?! I’m a good boy…


Hit S-Rank for the first time today. Feel quite happy about it, since its not only the first time I’ve done it. But streamed my whole way to it and didn’t played any of the strong meta decks to get there either. Mostly Midrange Kaleos, which I know is on the lower end of the power rankings but I haven’t actually seen anyone else play this season except for myself.


Nice, @mmf


Thronebreaker looks interesting, another strong entry by CDPR for the genre
some are saying it’s just another Gwent, otherwise it got the same rave reviews for a Witcher title
i’m a sucker for card games so that’s a plus for me


What? I’ve always been for the skelebois.


On this date…one full decade ago…I promised a beautiful soul that I would always be her light in the darkness…and she, the everlasting luminescence destroying the shadows in my heart.

I cannot fathom the idea of my life’s journey without her.

I’m such a dork, it’s a miracle Isbae hasn’t lost patience with me yet…:sweat_smile:


Yet you leave people here with shadows and darkness by leaving them with 10+ notifications that turn out to be purely likes…