The Purification Crusade


I luv Endless Legend and Endless Space 2. The best 4x strategies ever, imao.


@terrarius @alplod Who do you guys play? I religiously play the Vetruvian cousin, the Broken Lords.


I used to play broken lords too


It’s on my computer. I have Endless Dungeon and Space, as well. Haven’t played any of them yet…

I know…

I know…

I should really play them sometime soon.


My favorites are Vaulters and Roving Clans. I prefer peaceful victories :slight_smile:


Been looking for some dods to play with if anyone is interested.



Don’t know if you are ever going to see this post, but…


Sorry, it will take some time which I don’t have plenty of. Please, don’t be offended :slight_smile:




Ooh and with nemeton too I see


This is even worse than when hearthstone was just released for mobile and people played nozdormu because it was a tad unoptimized for mobile devices (especially phones) and people who played on mobile couldn’t even play things.


Happy b-day gamerbot, what’s your favorite game to process? :water_buffalo: :space_invader:


Process…by that you mean…wut?


more pixel art!


Please look at “The Life of a Duelyst that Never Went Past Gold - Vetruvian” for funny memes that you might be interested in. Imagine getting Mono from Mono.


holy hell eggmar fokn denied


HHR the new anti-meta hero???!!?!???! :thonk:


Can’t test it out right now. :tired_face:


Saw that topic, and actually happened to get Monolithic Visions from itself in Gauntlet.
However, don’t have ideas on building a deck around it.


Seen @Ryvirath use it with Ciph with cards like Grapnel in a somewhat control style deck months ago. Personally, I would use it as a potential late game wincon. The kind of deck that doesn’t have to rely on it to win but if the game goes long enough it can be a clutch game winning card, due to how much stuff you can throw out and your opponent probably not having the tools to deal with it all.