The Purification Crusade


I may or may not be intrigued. The may is because I like the game. The may not is because I’m extremely inactive with 90% of what I do.


Send lank

Will maybe join eventually


Quick question: if a minion with Forcefield takes damage, does it count as taking damage?


I’m not sure if it counts as zero damage or no damage. Would be something I would have to look up or test in a friendly.

Edit: Had a look on the wiki and it doesn’t say. So would be something that I would need to test to find out. If something like Thunderhorn attacks into a forcefield and the effect goes off. Then it would be 0 damage, as the game knows that the minion has been attacked but receives 0 points of damage. If the effect doesn’t go off then it counts as no damage as the effect doesn’t get proc’d.


I’m quite sure it is not. Try Forcefield on Khymera in Lyonar if you want to test it.


I’m too poor for that. Maybe Blood Rage with Sapphire Seer?


Deathstrike sealing/Celestial Phantom’ing some unit should be easier, and i think yeah, those should bypass forcefield.


Wait, I have 55 spirit. :facepalm:


We could make a friendly and test this. I can throw together a Lyonar deck with forcefield minions and if you have something that needs to deal damage to proc the cards effect (like Thunderhorn for example) then we can do it.


Nice. I sent a friend request.


Thunderhorn’s effect doesn’t spread through forcefield, I know, I tried it against Titan Lyonar.

Neither is Sojourner’s. And Rev’s.

But I never tried it on minions who require to take damage.


I thought Phoenix Barrage is really bad, and turns out it’s actually good.
Also, Monolithic Visions is good, at least as one-of. Far from being as bad as it was thought to be when originally revealed.




One more card to go into the Zanes Invades the CPG Servers fiesta.


Just wondering, anyone here play Endless Legends?


I finished 1 game…have about 20 hours in.Its quite good


I found a next level interaction…
Hundred handed rakushi…he transforms when a egg minion of yours turns into an egg and bypasses the forcefield zoetic charm is supposed to give the egg to kill the egg imidiately


What the hell? Crafting 3 right now.


I wonder if ragnoras BBs also counts as minion summon


It does, just like any other minion summoning BBS, so Rakushi will kill the ripper egg.