The Purification Crusade


Do tell…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I might not my pass my Tech Graph test but I have a high chance of getting 100% with my English project.


At least Duelyst has turns and turn timers.


Which still allows DDoS


I just watched the main character of DMC juggle Thor to the end of the universe and back


Finished a game last week called Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Its pretty good for it is, even though I’m not a fan of first person shooters. Its worth picking up next time its in steam sale, if someone likes a wild west themed FPS with a decent story.


Just imagine isbee on stage (in camo or somewhat hidden of course) eating carrots or twisting a bunch of celery


I’m not a Foley artist, but I do alright. I don’t get the benefit of digital post-production. I have to find the right pure sound and do it live, every time…at least for the times I can.

There are music snippets required, and I don’t have any working 78 victrola players around…so I have to cheat with a laptop and speakers…but I can still mimic the process of “playing” a record on stage.


Going off-topic, but that movie was great.



…like that’s ever been a problem here…

And yes, I also liked the movie.


@isbee and @halcyon98

Great movie, though I do wonder what happened to the other survivors when they didn’t light their fires


More pixel art goodness? Yes please (Does anyone else know about cryamore?)



Btw @saltystabwound, @ryousen and @longshot405 there is a Vallhalla fan created discord that has a pretty fun degenerate community that you would probably enjoy.

We hardly talk about the game anyways.


Lately Ive been trying to spend less time doing things that are not art
Its hard in multiple levels though- I legit enjoy brewing in Duelyst, and Discord is so very distracting
Which would lead me to not want to join
But I guess I did make a couple pals in another server I joined without much hope of fruit
Though that one has its dedicated art channel
But even then, one of those two just happened to also play Duelyst and talked to me because of it, not because of the art channel
But is it not a false expectation to join a server of this context, while my ultimate objective is a server of another context?
Whereof weird shit is away, thereof I shant reside, and in a server of a VN which isnt weird, so shall non-weirdness collude
But do I not reside here, and enjoy my stay?

Put me in
Ive nothing to lose but a little bit of time, that would likely be wasted reading other crap


This is cryptic, I forgot that you wanted to stay away from the net.

I’m confused.


I havent tried it yet, because I forgot
More servers should not hurt this experiment, they only hurt the casual alt-tab into the program
Because if Im doing a thing, then alt tab into Discord and there are new messages, I will check them, and that can very easily become a 2h long detour
I suppose I should just stop using the client version, favoring Web instead, because I close Firefox/Chrome more often than I close side programs (Steam/Discord)


First law of the universe: Sunrise Cleric cannot be in the same hand with Lancer or Sunriser. It is impossible.


Faced the most ridiculous play of last few months. Opponent was playing Starhorn P1. Starting on 4 mana turn:
Flash into Grimes into Firestarter from Grimes into Prophet of the White Palm into Prophet of the White Palm.
I was playing burn Song and just couldn’t do anything for 2 turns.


Only if you use or ever used the name halcyon98