The Purification Crusade


I haven’t been seeing much of Wanderer, it might be like 1 in every 5 games, if that. Been seeing more of Midrange Swarm style with Lady Locke and Wraithcrown in recent days as a deck that is seeing more play. But maybe that is just me, as I’ve been around top of rank 4/bottom of rank 3 for the last few days I’ve been playing. Until today when I’ve hit rank 2. The problem I’ve been having is that I’m almost having more games against S-Rank players than I am against Diamond players in the last week or so.


Wait, how in the world do wolf traps work against conjunctivitis?


Actually, I give up. I’m currently stuck in this perpetual state of winning then losing over and over again. I lost the last match because of internet disconnection.


If you just want to get to dia and not care about playing on ez mode you could simply pick up fault vet or wanderer rag


Next match, Flash Wanderer. Still shit draws.


Atleast you lost thanks to skill only.Your opponent must have been amazing given how difficult it is to win with flash wanderer :sweat:




I played so much Duelyst today that my gold went from 700 to 950.


“Easy” to do through gauntlet but wow that must’ve been a lot of ranked games


I climbed to rank 6 from rank 8, and then went back and forth between rank 7 and 6 a couple of times. I’m two wins away from diamond now. :tired_face:


Good luck!! Let us know when you get it :smiley:


Thanks! :sirpenti:


I got there. Doesn’t feel too bad. Finally I can meme with Nemeton.


Have you tried to suicide-kill Wanderer and become a lion rider?


But Wanderer costs 4 mana… Lion man costs 7.


@isbee, it’s pretty funny to follow you and observe changing like counters :rofl:

I tried to present this story as funny as I could, but tbh, the reviewer didn’t mean we did something irrelevant, he was probably interested why it matters. By our internal discussion we actually found out that in our specific case the methods we use don’t produce really fresh results from what we’ve done before,… while similar methods usually produce something new in similar cases. We should answer the question “why is it like this in our case?” and when we do we will rework this paper into something more meaningful.

So no, it didn’t suck, we grasped something and it will definitely result in more valuable research.


I was about to say the exact same thing. :exploding_head:



I’ve missed a couple days.

I’m in a production of The War of the Worlds with the local community theater. We are doing the classic radio broadcast script with a few twists. I’m on stage doing the “live studio sound effects.” We aren’t actually broadcasting on the radio, but it’s still fun.


I’m in a constant alternating state of panic and joy right now. o.o


I found an entirely new level of fun and interactive