The Purification Crusade


That needs a gore warning!




You know it :wink:

I messed up the blend though, but I tried to hide it with the talcum powder. Is it noticeable?


Looks pretty convincing. Blood would be flowing nonstop, though…


Hey, i did the best I could plus I was wearing white and lord knows what red does to white


Structurally, it’s quite good. Is this part of a planned thing? A class?


Yep, been taking a licensure course for esthetics and this was included as a special class


Whats this about an MMORPG guild? I’m interested and yes, fire mages are my thing, how’d you know!? Rangers and Assassins too but yeah, pyromanical annihilation is satisfaction incarnate.


Hi, buddy! How’s life?


I kept on liking and unliking this post as my phone is in greyscale now.


Pretty good, in my first semester of Uni so I’m still trying to get used to all the changes!


I applaud your efforts





Im quite hyped…AI war 2 is going to release today


Goals of the week: making usage of the most unloved Sisters.


For Saon I request you to use Synaptic Arbitrage on her and then obliterate your opponent with Kha.


Nah. Reliquarian fodder.


Ohh hey look, a bench!


Zirix: Does he commonly stride among the stars, or is he just considered a star among striders?