The Purification Crusade


You can read the manga
28 chapters


If you are talking about gob spayer, he shows some clear emotional and mental growth throughout the manga, which is pretty indisputable.


Any story can have a character arc, this doesnt make them the same kind of story. One would be hard pressed to say these two have the same narrative focus.

Like, lets analyze the breaks between the main feasts, since those are similar-
Between fights in Berserk we get Griffith being a mystery man, his infamous dream speech, some torture, (spoiler or something)Griffith fucking a guy to get money, the political consequences of murder, violent flashbacks to Guts past
In Goblin Slayer, the flashbacks are there, but also just the guild secretary trying to flirt with him, some jokes about how insanely dense he is, the rest of the party is not exactly anti-cheerful, some big tit guildmaster, equipment management… like, compare the ends of the first fight against Zodd and the fight against that giant not-goblin, in which GS uses the water pressure technique. In one, not only Guts doesnt kill the beast, but I felt almost tired from reading that strife. In Goblin Slayer, he says “apparently that was not a goblin”.
I dont think either are bad, its just that they do not belong together.


Havent watched/read berserk, but your logic in proving this point seems to hold up.

I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly, the only reason I called you out was because your synopsis of goblin slayer sounded a little unfair and easy to misenterpret as a strong dislike for the series, rather than a dislike of the comparison between the two.

“like a fanservice manga except instead of tits its blood.”
there are hundreds of way worse series that also perfectly fit this synopsis.

Tl;Dr it sounded like you were saying goblin slayer lacked a focus on characters and real story and just had a bunch of bloody fanservice. In other words, the way you wrote seemed unessecarilly critical to a pretty damn good story.


I just watched the first episode of Goblin Slayer. I thought it was edgy trash. If the story of the light novel is good by any chance, the anime sure didn’t do a good job in adapting it.


I liked it but mostly because of it beeing a great portraial of noob RPG/MMO players
-go into a dungeon as first quest
-no experience
-no decent equipment
-the tank is more concerned with his dps than with tanking for his team
-the frontline doesn,t think its a bad idea to split up from their backline
-everyone except the priest had perception 0 or any kind of situational awareness
-the priest can only cast 3 (lowlevel) spells and doesn,t have any secondary weaponery to be usefull once her abilitys(mana) run out
-they didn,t prepare at all
-they had no teamwork
-the warrior wasn,t even good at beeing a dps

Found it pretty entertaining and actualy comedic thanks to that unbelieveable incompetence of the party and how it reminds of noob RPG/MMO partys.Its quite nonsensical that they were this stupid but still quite entertaining.Also liked the more tactical approach of GS in combat insted of just smashing things in the face with a big oversized broadsword that he shouldn,t even be able to carry given its weight.

Since it was thanks to the very specific setting that i found this episode entertaining i don,t think the rest of the anime will be very enojoyable to watch

The quality of the first episode itself is truly not very good…if i wouldn,t be amused by all these RPG tropes wthin it i certainly would not like it either


I’ve seen that argument before, and there’s merit to it. But the scenes was just so poorly animated and choreographed that I didn’t feel like it conveyed depth of any kind. Half of the time the adventurers looked like idiots who I had no reason to give a shit about. I guess they were simply sacrificed to accentuate how badass the main character is, but I didn’t find the main character appealing either. There are so many shows that do the lone ranger trope better.


I think the worst part of the story was this:it is well known in the world that goblins are vicious beasts and that many adventures bite the dust during their first quest.The world they live in isn,t all sunshine.With this it makes abseloutely no sense that they were this naive and stupid…given the circumstances they realy should have known better.
Their attitude is what you have if you have no idea but infinite respawns…NOT the attitude you have if you can actually die FOR REAL


Are you really a native korean speaker? The more I think about it, the more I notice your english (written at least) is perfect.


Thanks! I may be a Korean by blood, but English is my favorite language.


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Given te nonchalant way the military and all other adventurers treat gobilns it is honestly no surprise some eager adventurers are bound to be less than prepared for goblins to ambush them from behind, in a seeming straight tunnel, and rape the women and slaughter them.

For me, because I have read the manga, the main allure in the story is the growth of goblin slayer from being an insane person obsessed with vengeance into something else, and the crazy but sensible plans he comes up with to win. The story completely reminds me of a dnd adventure/experience in the regard you always know what options they have and have to think outside the box.


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Bonus: it’s immortal


I also watched GS last night. Its not the worse thing I’ve watched in anime but there is already a big plot hole for me. How did the guy in a straight tunnel with only 1 main path get behind the Priestess, but not notice the dead guy, the side tunnel and the kidnap victims before then? Considering there was only 1 entrance that was shown and the Priestess only went deeper into the cave and he appeared behind her in the direction of all that stuff.


I found something that even the new berserk would be jealous about


Idk what they changed in the anime, but that plot hole was described by the goblins showing up behind them through holes that went unnoticed because of how a.)dark the tunnel is and b.) the totem that was placed to distract from side holes.

The prisoners are supposed to be farther back in the cave.


Its not the goblins showing up that is the plot hole, but the goblin slayer guy himself as he comes into the show in the same direction that the Priestess and the injured girl came from. Which is the entrance of the cave. As in the anime we only get shown the 1 cave entrance and the only other route/path in the cave is the side one where the totem is placed slightly ahead of, to distract the adventurers so the goblins can attack from behind out of the side path.

But for some unexplained reason the Goblin Slayer comes in from that same direction of the cave entrance, therefore he must have walked passed the dead guy, the side path and the ambush point for the goblins to reach the Priestess and the injured girl. Which makes no sense for him and the Goblins to not notice each other or attack each other.

I don’t mind some plot holes, but to me it was rather big one really early into the show considering its episode 1.


The best synopsis I can give you is that it’s like reading the first book of A Song of Fire and Ice, and then reading Moby Dick 1 page a day for the next three years.


But it’s entirely worth it.