The Purification Crusade


Goblin Slayer’s OP is also done by Mili, so plus points just because of that (even though we haven’t actually heard it yet).

Also GS’s entrance was fucking beast, my mans



I think i found out what the new berserk would look like if it was made by a competent studio

Never forget to play the tutorial before you enter your first dungeon if you are a noob


Fuck Duel Links.


That’s just aimless violence. It will never do Berserk justice.


I said how it would look like…nothing else


Hmm, watched the full first episode. A bit too violent for my taste, but count me interested. Seems :+1:

Is it ongoing?



Also, let’s be honest, the opening episode of Berserk '16 was basically senseless violence. I can imagine a lot of people never got to see what Berserk was about because they didn’t see the previous content or dropped the show after 1 or 2 episodes of the new season.


Never watched any recent Berserk anime, but watched the 1997 version and read the manga. I actually enjoyed the violence depicted in those two, as they focused more on the raw emotion and pain of the characters rather than the violence itself.


Spirits are beings with zero health and still alive :ghost:.
Halloween came early :grin:.

Replay is a bit buggy:


I dont even get it every time I see Goblin Slayer compared to Berserk. These works are worlds apart. Lets say violence is the shell of both, but the win condition is completely different. One is about the emotional arcs of Guts and Griffith. The other is some comically clueless guy killing little monsters. Like, the essences of both are completely different. One feels like a drama and the other like a fanservice manga except instead of tits its blood.

Like, logically, its as if you’re comparing cards in Magic and Duelyst and calling which one is better. You can do that, but its senseless


We should keep in mind that it was only the first episode
Berserk also started with guts killing a random snake demon

I don,t think goblin slayer will get there…but it should still be considered


Read the manga, my dude.
Alas, the animation looks goofy next to it.


Of which?
Are you suggesting me to read the berserk manga to see where it goes from the massacre
Or the goblin slayer manga to see that it does not evolve much?


Goblin Slayer. My claims on Goblin Slayer are based on what I read on the manga. So they are not shaky as first episode guesses.
But, wait, you didnt read Berserk?


Nope…only the anime
Not that easy to get the manga in germany and not that motivating to get invested so much into something that is likely never going to be finished(don,t want to be rude…im just thinking straight here:the berserk author is quite old by now and publishes new stuff at a realy slow pace(high quality though i know)…the chance that he dies before finishing his work is quite high.)


I didnt watch the anime so I cant point to specifics, but lets say its hard to adapt it for good reasons.
That said, its not even my favorite thing, I dont think its a 10, I dropped it at a certain point, and I dont even like Guts.
And yeah, Miura isnt in his peak form. Though I’d expect people to live beyond 60, this is japan mangaka we’re talking about, so… who knows.

I still think one can just read it until the eclipse though, thats enough to get a feel


Certainly dissaointing…had hopes for gs.Theres just so little decent stuff in the medieval fantasy setting


Dont you worry, give me a short few years and I shall be the new king author of medieval fantasy :fire::fire::fire::sunglasses::fire::fire::fire: Cant get rid of my Final Fantasy roots even if that seems kinda basic nowdays