The Purification Crusade


…perfectly normal.

Now, if you’ll please excuse me I must go discuss constitutional law with a porcupine.



Cheese Wallace! CHEESE!!


It’s hard to post this not as a humble brag but I will try…

Didn’t realise it was creative writing and thought it was an essay for the assignment, my teacher read it even though it wasn’t creative writing and he said it was quite informative and had leaving cert info. It wasn’t graded for obvious reasons but at least I can help my group with the through research that the essay shows.



Baconator was the original deck, however people realised that the combo was the bad part of the deck so people took it out.

October’s Reva is the strongest deck this game has ever seen. Change my mind.


Cmon,thats cheesy


It actually says gu.


Just in case:


Good to know this exists, heh.

If going for that theme with a bit more sanity, i’ll forever stand with this shell as the standard Ilenan artifact shell.


No general is my fav general.


Ain’t he so synergic with Brightmoss, Dancing Blades and EMP?


He’s also immune to Doom.

but don’t use Eternal Heart with him, it’s just stupid how that interaction works


6 concurrent Duelyst streamers, what is happening?


Hope. Hope is happening.


Its the sign of the alpocalypse. Better stay indoors, get the canned food ready and make sure you have spare ammo for your shotgun.


Sounds like everyday life.


Hey guys Im the 5999th reply. Proud of me?


Hey there KOPHYN, I’m better than you, I’m number 6000!


I don’t believe so