The Purification Crusade


Im not even kidding. Got late to class one day and the teacher was talking about jungian archetypes referencing naruto examples. Thought people would understand better like that. And then there’s the ones who talk about the newest Avengers and whatnot. Of course, those are two examples I know, but I also know others who are more neutral, and a couple that are like, an encyclopedia of german expressionism and that guy who wont shut up about czech stop motion animation from the 60’s.

Oh, and of course, my favorite, the dude that gave art history classes, who is just kinda nuts in general, seems my colleagues had difficulty following his vocabulary and word choice (though I just think they didnt want to because he was such a divisive figure among them). Started us with the classical “What is art?” question, which permeated the rest of the lectures, and every class I felt legit mind boggled, like I was somehow losing knowlege by gaining more information.


It really was mostly for the italics/dattebayo joke, heh. I actually wouldn’t be so surprised to see people going for such a range of references.


I scorfully didnt watch the thing, so I didnt even get it
Oh well


You talk like teachers aren’t normal people.


Tis just a matter of context


Had a crazy/fun Gambler experience earlier.


The quick explanation for what happened, if the replay isn’t working or you just don’t want to watch. My opponent (playing Vaath) on his turn plays Apex gets 2 Eludicators, one goes face and the other kills scroll bandit, as well as getting Grandmaster Kraigon, Gigaloth and another minion. Then on my turn with having Gambler and Heartseeker still on board from last turn. I ping the forcefield off Kraigon with Heartseeker, then play Deathstrike Seal and Killing Edge on Gambler. Attacking Kraigon first. Gambler processes to kill all of his minions and does 3/4 attacks to his face winning me the game as his general only has 15 health.


Every day we stray further from god


Anyone have any good recommendations for this season’s anime? Im watching Zombieland saga and its pretty good imo.


Watch goblin slayer on crunchyroll, or I would (and am) read it on mangakalot. Same with That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime. Also if you READ sao alicization its actually really enjoyable writing. Cant speak for the anime, but the light novel actually takes time to explain why kirito wins at something.

Those are my most new pocket picks for good seasonal anime.


I’ve read the Sao light novels and they’re pretty good (unlike the anime) I don’t have crunchyroll, i use Kissanime.


I’m watching that and so far I’m enjoying it. Its one of those “Its a fantasy world, but its actually more of a game” type of shows. Golden Kamuy season 2 is also out this season, and I watched season 1 when it came out earlier this year. Its a really good show in my opinion. Haven’t checked out other new shows yet, but I still got Black Clover and Attack on Titan season 3 continuing on, so I might not bother looking too hard for more shows to watch.


Veldora is even more tsundere in the anime than the manga


I frequently see references to October Reva. Can someone please summarize what that was?


In October 2016 Reva was deemed the strongest deck in the game. She was famous for
her massive burst that could get rid of most of your health in the first few turns of the game.


And there was a lot of fuss with Mirror Meld at some point, but somehow this is no longer in fashion?


I’ll admit I personally didn’t encounter her so I can’t say for sure, but I believe she used things like 1 mana Bloodrage Mask, card drawing Mana Vortex, Pre-nerf Katara, 0 mana Inner Focus and lots of Killing Edges, not Mirror meld.

Here is a quote from Oranos who actually played during those times:


i have seen the first episode of goblin slayer and i can say its good it got e hooked from that first episode.


Things that takes root in my mind while i procrastinate.


Yo, there’s a $200 contest for cheese-based shitposting in my country


ohhhh a fellow filipino

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