The Purification Crusade


I’d need a graphic card if you guys are willing to help a poor and south-american nigga out, but always eager to join. =w=




Goblin slayer is actually fucked up.


So, I was to my first ever D&D campaign yesterday. We were 4 people (should have been 5, but 1 couldnt come). We had a Tiefling wild magic sorcerer, who was kinda crazy (she was tryig to tame angry wolves), A Darshroom Bard (dont question, she was kinda memeing on us noobs), a Half-elf rogue with +7 in stealth and I was playing a Human Paladin who is supposed to tank all that dmg. What happened was that a Wolf (that I missed with my Javelin) decided to attack and Crit me onehitting me. Kinda fun


Ah DnD, me and my friends take forever to create optimized mix maxed characters with the perfect leveling planned out and a way to cover each others weaknesses and then 5 minutes in everything goes to all hell and everyone is trying to kill everyone over some dead deer in the forest.


We werent even minmaxing, we simply thought of characters we would like to play. Turns out really good setup by accident. Oh and for that killing thing, I really want to kill that sorcerer, DEUS VULT her head off


I’m a regular murder hobo

Especially fun if your DM allows the Mystic class


Pretty interesting…


Dammit, I hated to GM these murder parties so much… After a couple of quests they killed a priest at the capital they couldn’t intimidate into doing something for free and were completely wiped out by city guards. I denied them reroll, said farewell, and we never met each other since then.

And you know, nobody of them played evil!


TrUe NeUtRaL


Join one of their games and murder hobo it :joy:


I’m trying what i can to one day organize an Exalted table. 3rd edition is looking so sweet, despite having pretty much only the core book.


This kind of thing really happens? I thought it was just an overextended joke. You guys have some bad luck with players
Ive only had one party (and we stick together since forever), never turned into a murderfest- but I gotta say, sometimes people I get shady on Cthulhu settings to prioritize own survival over the survival of others. I am undefeated.

Man, I miss playing. To anyone who doesnt like DnD, I suggest Cthulhu Mythos or Gumshoe. After I finished my gangster adventures with a character, I made myself an esoteric girl to play with, and a few sessions later, dum ba dum bram bram she becomes insane 100 cthulhu mythos stat follower through my command (which I thus subsequently lose)- and in the adventures thereafter I took control of her ex, trying to save her from TRANSCENDENTAL IMMATERIAL PHARAOHS FROM OUTER DIMENSIONS- which I surely fucking did, baby, I love these characters :sunglasses:


I GMed 3 parties, and that was one of them. Other two were more involved in story and role-playing aspects, in spite of the fact that I love to troll players by stupid quests sometimes :slight_smile:


I missed school for one day and people started to talk about Cells at Work in science class, I only know this as it was referenced in our assignement except our teacher didn’t realise it was an actual thing.


There are only three anime watchers in my grade. Kind of sad.


Our entire school is filled with 'em. :eyes:


In arts and animation uni, some teachers even reference Naruto.


That is quite unbelievable to hear.


Naruto actually has some great action scenes. Most are trash though. Either way, I’d consider it a sacrilege if anime sakuga weren’t referenced in animation schools.