The Purification Crusade



How do you accidentally find this???

Btw, happy cake day.


It was not really an accident, lets call this…research material originating from my crews discord
Also, tnx :wink:


I heard of a discord, hmu fam.

Then why did you bring it up???


GBF crew discord, they started talking bout it and curiosity kinda took the upper hand…


Ohhh, GB, of course.


Sauce me up Alex.


you arent legal for that but so am I so who cares


Take this private guys.

And add me to the convo, cause I’m curious.

(not for the numbers)


Things took an unexpected turn…


did you expect things to go the other direction??


Look, it’s the life cycle of this thread. Months of wholesomeness, then we talk about hentai for a day.


Ooh can i contribute? Ahem,177013


been there done that aka has been shered here


Ahk, that’s all I’ve got!




Have a great Cakeday, @alexx55!


To each their own, I just dump memes in here that I think have some fun or a rerelevance. Cant please everyone.




Honestly, forums feel repetitive right now so I’ll be the first to say, post any memes here that you find funny, ANY. Regardless of their relevance to Duelyst and if mod tries to shut it down, I’ll scream bloody murder.

But once expansion/patch comes around meme thread goes back to normal about Duelyst.



When has this thread ever been about Duelyst???

Hentai is talked about more than Duelyst here.