The Purification Crusade


I will check it out but it just seems like shittier For Honour afaik.


Decided that I want to add one that breaks the mold.

Veight in granblue fantasy. Don’t know if he is apart of the adaptations yet.

He is a trap because of a BDSM relationship with his sister that forces him to wear her clothes.

Glad I decided to read into their lore.


So are you into traps or husbandos? Make up your mind!





Huh. Thats twice now I attempted to negatively dissect a weeb meme posted by @loliconartist. Was I rude? I didnt mean to be rude. Im sorry, Lolicon. I would not call myself rude in most scenarios, this was exceptional. probably because I cannot disguise this in any form, that i have a bone to pick with seasonal anime and the weebs who allow it. but im not supposed to say that because it would exclude me to enmity and distance even further. oops


Nah, I’m just saying that Veight is a great trap.


Well… femboy to be exact, as his intention isn’t to get into bed with a straight man.


A drag queen. :eyes:


Both femboy and drag queen are applicable but femboy is used now.


I actually found some interesting NSFW artwork manga of Veight BDSM. It was certainly…interesting.


Before I found safebooru I did as well.


I wonder if its the same one


Unless it was posted over the past half a year or so I would have seen it.


ok yea you have…Or maybe not…tell me if Vampire Sandwitch is a reminder?


Danbooru is not nhentai…


k then, we have seen different things


The fact that it exists disgust me.

Albert NSFW doujinshi when?



“A little bit of blood wont stop me.”