The Purification Crusade


It’s dead.


I mean, so is Dooli, but corpses still are lootable.


No, the Shardbound servers are off. This is the definition of a dead game.

Duelyst is a dying one.


Seems to still hold activity/being up? Literally just logged in and played a bit. I liked the idea of range differences on generals.


Huh, I remember there being a period where the servers where off.


Yessir. Yep. Righto.


Emotes are a strategy. That Sentinel was Drake Dowager, and I spammed that emote as the enemy General was walking into attack range. Dirty, but it worked.


I had plans to use emotes for conditioning and to make thinkers pass their turn.


Saturn and the rest of the Black Paintings were also all on the walls of his house. imagine walking up to that in the middle of the night


I forgot who always asks if people have seen that in discord.


Are monthly tipper ranks still posted?


I just want godfall to be an mmorpg so we as the entire forums can form a guild called “the duelyst forums.” People excited to play godfall early access will just see this monster of a guild and remember our name, thus duelyst will live on. plus I wanna see @phayze or @phoenixtoasches burning the shit out of people as some fire mage and wiping out an entire pvp group, or @alplod gracefully kiting and sniping down his foes akin to artihai, @epicflygon dropping some icy spells upon his foes as vanar reborn, and me either leading an army of wraithlings to swallow entire guilds whole, or just getting bodied by some aoe or something. This is of course assuming godfall has archetypes to fit us.

Would you join the glorious crusade to immortalize duelyst’s name in history?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m gonna lead the ranks as main tank Vaath


I don’t play MMORPGs as a matter of principle, there’s always a chance I’ll stop living real life if playing those, I am that kind of games person.

Sorry, you should ask Jay to kite for you :slight_smile:

And also, happy cakeday, @alexx55!


Ill be sitting behind you daemonic luring everything around, no shame.


Lure them into my Makantor Warbeast Mount
Also, tnx @alplod, I cant believe it has been a year since im here or playing dooli


Happy cakeday(?) not showing up for my timezone yet


Congratulations man! Im so glad you found an avatar for your Discord


Is it still 6th for you?


I can join only if it’s free and can run on a Mac. :upside_down_face: