The Purification Crusade


Hey, bro, I’m not playing since like 2014, when I felt disgusted by the game first time.

I mostly preferred midlevel (5-8) light and fast medium tasks (like some sherman variations). I loved American T-71 I believe and French light branch. Everything is reworked since then, so I do not know if they even exist now.

One of my favorite moments was playing as M41 or smth American artillery, when I managed to win against 3 enemy artilleries during last seconds of the match :slight_smile:

And Stuart also was one of my favorite tanks :slight_smile:

Also, we would probably never ever play together cause Russian servers are separate afaik.


I heared you can buy premium ammo with real money to get a dmg boost…that imidiately killed all interest i had in the game


I almost get the appeal of artillery, but not really I guess. Also, I learned to like the french autoloaders, but I find them one of the hardest to play as. Currently sitting at R7 with AMX 13 75.

My biggest mistake in this game was probably starting by the coolest looking tank and then investing in a line because I wanted its eighth rank on the side, because now I have both swedish paths at tier 7, and both arent great. Could’ve invested all that into russian light instead, but my innocent ass knew no better

Thats fake. I hate it when people exaggerate like that. Premium ammo not only can be bought with in-game currency, it also in the majority of cases does not increase damage, only penetration values. This game is pay to win because of premium vehicles, and even then you dont win because aim rng, matchmaking and team.

Edit: let me explain this a little bit further, because its the biggest offender. The way matchmaking works is by balancing tank type and rank distribution. The former works, the latter doesnt. Rank distribution is done in such a way that, in most matches, there will be seven vehicles of X rank, five vehicles of X+1 rank, and three vehicles of X+2 rank. Rank differences matter quite a lot- for example, as a light tank, its already hard to penetrate other same tier tanks, and it only gets exponential when you attempt to penetrate higher ranks. Except this affects everyone (to varying degrees), not just lights. Oh, and also, if you’re bottom tier you’ll have the worst stats in everything as well, meaning the other 7 more modern ones can kinda stomp you. This only gets worse as you advance further.


I can’t remember if it was World of Tanks or War Thunder but one of them felt bad to play as a light tank because it felt ineffective to play as them and you often got massacred by medium/heavy tanks. Although I do also remember War Thunder had a bad balance system for Air battles. Since after you got past the first tier of planes, you got matched against higher tier planes so you basically got shot down by better planes consistently until you had enough planes on the same tier to keep up with others. Before the same thing happened again for the next tier.


Something is going down at the Natural History Museum in Cardiff.
Alarms where going off for a bit and everyone is being forced out.


This post made me double take for a sec just because of its randomness. What is Natural History Museum in Cardiff and why is everyone being forced out?


And why? Who knows, probably not good anyways.


I was at the Louvre yesterday, and exits were locked down for an hour or so for reasons the guards refused to tell us.


Most likely extremely cautitious about a possible attack due to high amounts of military forces in large French and Italian cities.


I worded that badly, one moment.


As well with high amount of Military Forces stationed at French and Italian Cities, the staff at Louvre are also being cautious about a potential attack.

Ever since the attack on the Vatican, the entirity of Europe is very alert.


Noticed soldiers nearby the Versailles as well. The Louvre was great, by the way. Got to see my favorite painting and it was the best part of the trip.


what is your favorite painting???


I was kinda just dragged along to see the Museum so the exhibition was alright I guess.


The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault.


Oh, a more classical one. Ive seen many, but I dont really know them, you know?
Why is that your favorite?

Here’s one of my intelligible picks: Saturn Devouring His Son, by Goya
Its impressive to me how it manages to be visceral without an exaggerated use of blood (a sin I probably commit in my collages, which are themselves still not as visceral)- the impact value is in the figure itself, the arm, the vore, the body hanging with the hands clenched, and deformed body- like, anytime something is kind of genuinely disturbing without organs splattered everywhere, thats a thing Im into

Post your favorite paintings, everyone!


He has seen some shit.


The painting was based on a true event where a ship named the Medusa was sunk, and 150 people were forced to survive on a wooden raft for 13 days. Only 15 survived, and they allegedly did so by resorting to cannibalism. Every element of their humaneness was put to the test, and I love how vividly the painting portrays the pure agony of that trial. I don’t think any other painting expresses chaos and despair in such a raw way.

Goya used to be a painter for the Spanish aristocracy and used to specialize in colorful, lighthearted paintings for the royalty. But one day, an unknown illness caused him to grow deaf, and the incident made him more pessimistic and mentally unstable. Saturn Devouring his Son painting is the best known of his Black Paintings, a series of macabre works painted during these years, where Goya was driven mad by the fear of aging and approaching death.

It can be inferred that this painting aimed to criticize the Spain government, as the painting depicts Saturn devouring his offspring in fear of the day they will become stronger than him, precisely like the Spanish Government.


Tell me this isn’t the face of a man who has seen it all.


Taking a look at the competition both from interest and curiosity, what are your opinions in Shardbound so far, folks? I’m struggling to find much info on it but some of its ideas seems me interesting to ape/steal.