The Purification Crusade


Things that came to mind recently.
What if Wraithlings weren’t only the specific unit, but also a tribal?


This has been on the minds of many for long, sadly just never happened. They are definitely the most tribe-like non-tribe tribe in Dooly :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much. I can almost see Mephyt becoming one, for reasons (and the despair of a few Trials).


Gloomchaser was even posing with the little and furious wraithlings (and a bunch of other things) in an old game art picture:


What is huge purple hydralisk doing here?

Jokes aside I really love this art :cupid:

Little ones are so cute, don’t you think, @anjosustrakr? :stuck_out_tongue:


Im actually thinking about getting an arcade stick
Plan to get realy into bullet hell…and for that the xbox 360 controller is a bit…unrelyable when it comes to precise movement both with dpad and analog
My right arm realy starts to hurt when i play bullet hells with keyboard for more than 30 minutes

Would than also be able to get into fighting games…gave up on that a year ago because arcade sticks and REALY expensive controllers are the only competetive input devices.Was not going to buy something so expensive for 1 genre…but for 2 genres maybe if it will last for many years

So…does any of you know a decent stick?


Finaly…after 20! hours of practise i finaly beat flandere with no life and no bomb remaining
That is the hardest thing ive ever done in a PVE game

Run starts at 1:21…yes i know it sucks that the video starts with 3 failed attemtps


Cute or no, I would still kill them in their sleep. :hocho: :sweat:

Also, why is Gloomchaser bigger than a 5/5?


Awwww, it means the world to me that you care!


Congrats! I’ve been following your struggle. Glad you achieved your goal. :smiley:


Got like bombed by Isbee. Feelsgoodman.


I dont mean to brag, but im gonna brag.

Should I get a title for my anime mastery?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, and request to be named ANIME GOD

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Apparently, because anime is at least more than 35000 something based off how many are listed on MAL, I estimated 37000 or so exist. May be more, may be less. Therefore I ran the numbers of my 800 or so estimated anime I have watched, and I got 2 6/37 percent of an estimate of all anime that exist. If I were to go to even farther conservative versions of the numbers, lets say there is 40000 anime, and round it out.

I still have a nice and round two percent of all anime that exist that I have watched.

If I factor manga into it, 875 divided by 40000, I come out with a 2 3/16% of all anime watched.
So yeah, thats tiny. But damn, Theres like 40000 anime. Anyways, sorry for the egotistical shitpost. Vote up there if you care :+1:.


Is it wrong to genuinely like Konosuba? It’s another isekai light novel adaptation, and it’s borderline ecchi, but I think it has heart.


Just go to r/animemes and youll understand there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking gods blessing on this wonderful world.

But honestly there really is nothing wrong with liking what you like. Besides it has brilliant writing, art direction and character design/ development.


Unless you like Sword Art Online, in which case you must be killed for your sins.




This is the second time I know of you’ve used emma stone gifs, is that a crush I spy? :face_with_monocle:




Personally, I really enjoyed and laughed at Konosuba. The only two things I didn’t like about it was the succubus episode in season 1 and the step down in animation quality from season 1 to season 2. I would even consider it putting it in my top 10 animes, or maybe that is going too far. I would have to remind myself of what I’ve seen before committing to that.


Dude, World of Tanks! We should really never ever play together because its really frustrating and hard to get better at a game in which map exploration is almost match-locked and one depends on a team of 15 people of which 7 are running weak tanks to position themselves cleverly to trade well and win.

What light tanks did you play as? One of my best memories in this game is having an adrenaline fueled mirror brawl, two ELC BIS. We ran on each other and traded, and I immediately attempted to run away, which was answered with a chase- realizing that this would not benefit me, 180-drifted to their side, and there we spiraled madly until the near identical reloads and narrow angling of the turred favored the winner. I won.

My favorite memory is not this though, its BRAWLING AND WRECKING AN O-I EXP AS AN M5A1 STUART, my S/P/E/E/D outrotating his turret and flanking that fat boring ass to oblivion. I have to reiterate this point, like, this was the plot twist, the throwing everything out of the window, the real nietzschean child- have you ever decided, as a light tank, or even any tank, to fight a heavy, alone? AN O-I, ALONE? Thats against the rules in my book. But then that magical moment. that empty field, that lonely hulk. i shouldnt. but what if I do anyway?. and bulleting that fucker, I LOVED IT! except I died because some [REDACTED] td interrupted the fight.

Man, I wanna get back in now. And then, as always, I’ll remember why I dont play anymore.