The Purification Crusade


Challenge: Post how many titles you could name without looking them up


Astro boy, hajime no ippo, hunter x hunter, maouu maouu yuusha, a certain scientific railgun, the devil is a part timer, log horizon, noragami, highschool dxd, attack on titan, to be heroine, mirai nikki, one of the dragonballs, one piece, danganropa, kill la kill, one of the monogatari series, one of the fate series, one of the pokemons, little witch academia, naruto, a certain magical index, gintama, anohana, a lull in the sea, free!, illya kaleid prisma thingy (the one where illya is a mahou shoujo), magi kingdom of magic, blood lad, the world god only knows, steins;gate, madoka magica, a garden of words, the wind rises, golden time, new game, love live, watamote, oreimo, SNAFU, K-on, Date alive, kotoura san, i couldnt become a hero so I reluctantly decided to get a job, clannad and lucky star. Maybe I saw THE monogatari series too.

I also recognized many others I forgot the name of, and others were like a frame of imagery.

Jesus this guys put some effort into this. Really surprised by some back pocket picks he had I barely remembered.


Wow, I don’t even know half of these (not that I’m dedicated to anime, but still watched some).


Managing to compile clips from 206 different animes into a coherent video does make for something special doesn’t it :heart_eyes:

You should also check out Blame it on 2009 for another great example of animu comprehension and compilation ability.

Oh and nostalgia, that happens when you watch it too.


What a good time to be a weeb!


Hey, guys, I need to know whether Lightbender is

  • Male
  • Female

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I think i was only able to cover like 1/3 or 1/2 of the acutal video. Person who made this had dedication.


I think I can cover like 3 of what you covered :confused:


Well it shows you have more of a life than me :smile:


BTW, guys, thx for participating in the poll, needed it for my lore contest story!

@loliconartist, not really. I play games while you watch anime.


*if you think this place is unfitting to report such stuff please tell me

Im getting close to finaly beating her after 9 hours of practise…i found a consistent strategy to clear the stage to her without losing a life and figured out good ways to avoid most of her patterns.From here it might take another 3-4 hours of practise until i finaly have her


Mighty lightbender had their nethers stolen by a rogue zyx (what do you think’s in the box? :smirk:) so it’s smooth down there.


I don’t think this is CPG doing us a nipslip.

Also, he uses the “pretty boy” voice clip.

btw, folks. General impressions on Sun Seer?


I was hoping for a magic portal to appear…one that would transport me to wherever @longshot405 is located…so I could shake his hand and say thanks for supporting me in my quest…

…but then I awoke from my fever dream and realized that I was @halcyon98 's profile picture…

…but then I awoke from my night terror to the sound of shadowcreep growing out of my fingers…

…or so the doctors tell me from beyond the door of my padded cell…


You’re just halfway there, c’mon.

Female, if that’s your question.


looks feminine to me.


OK the attack animation for Sanguinar is incredible.

Does anyone know if the card copies of your BBS that Bloodbound Mentor give you also cost zero with a friendly Sanguinar around?

Asking for a friend


Dont think so, i think it is the same thing as with blood surge minions: they dont proc off mentor copies


Nope, a BBS is only a BBS in your BBS slot, not in your hand. The idea of hyper-BBS decks however is always fun, tho - and i’d swap that Kaleos for a Shidai. Or build it around Variax.


Come anywhere near me and I’ll rip your hands off.


Also, 1.7k of those likes don’t count, I refuse to accept them.