The Purification Crusade


Whoever was the most recent to view my profile should go play slots in a casino…:wink:


Only 777? Man, you need to step up your game, I’m approaching 1,000.


Im currently despairing trying to clear this extra stage

I don,t even manage to get to the boss whichs fight is more than double as long as the stage to her :confused:


Reading your profile info

Hey, I don’t think you’re much better than me!


Holy shit my heart this match @alplod check out those backstaberinnos


Mayhaps a bit early, but in anticipation of future online games and other cool stuff, any peeps here with a switch may feel free to add me. My FC is 4559-4284-1018.


You still have a ways to go to catch ryvirath.

You have many more posts and topics than I do.

I routinely check my friends’ profiles, so many views are probably from me…:blush:

Bonus fact: raqyee is second in views, okojo is third.


…great…now I have to go buy a switch…so you can reject my request…:rofl:

very not likely to happen. lost interest in big Nintendo consoles after wii


Haven’t gotten a switch yet, waiting till November to tryhard in Smash Ultimate.


I used to be a Blood main once…


Same here, back when Carabose was the best meme and the only good blood legend nuked you for half your health so you could die faster to aggro sword. Good times.


What if I told you Carabosse was never meme because you could play her almost guaranteed on t6, and statckimg


I stopped playing Blood after the first month of WD, Phantom Cat was the shit man.


Guys I may have just had the match of my life :smile: Watch till the end! (Variax Maehv vs. Grow Mech Ragnora)


By now i managed to take down 7 of her 10 health bars…so depressing to fail so close to victory:(


Major Package sais I’m not allowed to watch it, can you summarize?


I double ramp (Maehv) Variax on 5 mana, I try avoid his Kolossus, Rippers and Grow memes with Husks, he almost corners me but I close the game with exact lethal using Infest from an L’Kian on his Nature’s Confluence 1/1 pets (2/2 with Godhammer) for a lot of damage (last dead pet did 6 damage to him). #justsilverthings






But yeah, Happy Birthday, @mmf!


Man, today is being so fruitful in terms of match memes. I never felt so satisfied in pinning down a NoSE Sajj this hard.