The Purification Crusade


I’m calling the IFB.


I’m surprised how often this guy seems to pop up recently. I observed him in several different streamers’ games in short period of time, each time he was toxic.


Ahegaos are such a turn-off.


Its bad with anime and violations are tracked quite heavyly…but for that we have one of the highest living standarts worldwide and easy acces to almost everything else


There are no coincidences
Just ban anime and living standards immediately skyrocket


I have to disagree with this statement.

Ahegaos make shit INTRIGUING


Do you mean FBI? Cuz I have no idea who the ifb are



F B I!!!


Has any of you watched star wars the clone wars?
Towards the end it becomes a realy good show with very dark themes

unfortunate that they had to end it early thanks to disney…
The replacement rebels…


me, a dooly player, when I saw the page title: GIT TO MY LEVEL SKRUB


They’re the Irish version of the FBI but it may be spelled IBF.




Normally, I dislike those kind of shows but DxD what I’ve seen was actually pretty decent. Probably down to it having a story that makes sense and having a main character with character flaws instead of just some generic nice guy. Didn’t get round to watching all of it, think I stopped during or after sesson 2. So it can be worth looking into, even if it is out of someone’s usually type of show.


Why does this reeks me of Inferno Cop?


@cloudfrog AVERSE!! I issue a formal letter of challenge to you, fite me in brite.


how is dooly

has the meta gotten shaken up


Still Wanderer trash.


Nope ripos fifteen reees

So who here plays battlerite besides me, @cloudfrog @terrarius and (I think) @alexx55 ?



What halcyon said plus fault and magmar stuff.


can y’all load up some gauntlet?