The Purification Crusade



Yep, dental healthcare, yes. The kind of thing that puts a smile back at people’s faces.


Does anyone have a list of well known S rankers who are known for playing Abyss or Vanar?


Deathsadvocate snowshot and flygon?


I have actually never seen Snow hit S, I hit S once then never bothered grinding again.

My Mid list is really good right now but the skill requirement is really high. I can’t perform consistently well in tournaments because of that. Mid is fun but requires top level skill. Snowshot usually sticks to less meta strategies but has innovated Ice Age loads. I actually don’t know how well he performs in tournaments and on ladder.


I only hit s once and never wanted to grind again, but what do you want to know about abyss? I have played every competetive archetype.


anyone here who has an opinion if Shoukoku no Altair is worth it or not? thanks


Someone flaged this?


That spellstorm Vet thing got me going. Should i burn my Spirit?


Wait whats up?


Interesting. :thonk:


They are all good cards (except Rite) so I don’t see why not :stuck_out_tongue: these decks really need Abjudicator though, even more so if you’re using Rite


Oh, and you have no good creep generation so you should definitely add Shadow Nova

So guys, here it is, CPG’s next thingo.

Gotta at the very least give props to the aesthetics here, this fusion of Kaleos and Argeon of a protag/face has its aesthetics right on flippin’ point.


You should make a thread for this

But that’s none of my business.


I’m not seeing anything on the website that is really worth seeing. So far its just a picture of a character, a small looped video for a sword and a signup for a news.



man, why am i even trying to be civil with this guy

He comes to the forums, shits on the game, the community, the devs

he’s like, the duelyst version of sjw

or versilify of duelyst


Just leave him be. I was always taught to be nice to people who aren’t loved by their parents.


Why is nobody flagging me? I’m disappointed.