The Purification Crusade


I don’t know who that is, but they’re doing God’s work.


Variax in Maehv is the closest thing that comes to mind, otherwise it can be Chackram, fits very well basically everywhere


Oh yeah, whats Maehv’s awesome BBS?


Destroy a friendly minion. Summon Husks nearby equal to the attack of that minion.


:thonk: feelsbadman




Didn’t expect to get the result but SiIvagunner delivers.


Variax Maehv is so impossbru to build though, you want those sweet Horn Shaman plays early on and then you’re suddenly out of health at 7-8 mana, on top of that you need to have a friendly minion with 3+ atk for the bbs to be worth it, and then on top of that you still lose that minion in the process. Feelsbadman indeed.


finally, a use for RAZORCRAB GOLEM…


Top bad there’s “only” 8 possible spaces around a minion


The only Maehv Variax deck that I enjoy and have had success with is this one:

Caution: Every deck I play is a terrible meme of some sort. This one is called Life Alert.

If it’s not obvious, the name of the game is just stalling and surviving until you can drop Variax. Also, I haven’t modified this deck in a long time. I’m sure I could make it better.


Abhorrent Unbirth can be pretty nasty depending on your deck (specially if you have a good deal of Rush units).
Reliquarian into a powerful enough body can be gamechanging as you become a self-healing pseudo-Revenant (or into your enemy, but better, if running theft setups).

On utter madness notes, tho, has anyone already shown us any attempt at a Bonecrusher revival deck?


I think thats @mmf’s favorite card?


Just pop some a dem bad goils in a xor deck

(And then maybe add a cadence or two)


what in tarnation is a goil?


wait, wouldnt Hexclaw fit perfectly into Variax Maehv?


I’ll just leave this little gem here.


Is it sarcasm? 


No, if you look closely, you typed out IFAP.


You stop right there, calling Stormshade right now.