The Purification Crusade


hmm…why did we not think of it


Yo, do you have a discord so we can vc if that’s possible?


Ah, man…so much for free Like-fodder…:pensive:


Oh god, my notification bar will explode


:hearts: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@halcyon98 If you’re free get on discord.



The deathnote remake is looking great so far


I don’t feel like making a new topic for this, but lets make it into a quick game. Guess what is wrong with the screenshot of a game I had recently.


You’re missing a card. :thonk:


Correct, started with 4 cards instead of 5.


Poor connection, used to happen to me lots.


Did you replace a card, and never drew one back? Happens to me pretty much every day.


I don’t believe its down to a poor connection as its the first time its happen for me and my connections speeds are quite decent. Also did check the replay to make sure, it was a replace during the mulligan stage.


Yeah, it happens to me sometimes and I know it’s because of my connection which is only decent

Rare but it happens.


I’ve seen so many people saying NoSE Sajj was dead in the goddamn water.

Well it’s been doing well for me in mid silver ladder so far.

Checkmate haters


Speaking of the Legendary Sword, did you know that a month or two ago 4lw reached S-1 with Spinecleaver Sajj?


Any abyssian dudes can tell me whats a kind of one card win condition for it, something like Finality
Or any kind of win condition that doesnt require you to build around it
Cant be Variax


Betrayal kappa


Doom? Think the reality is that pretty much every Abyss wincon needs a deck built around it, except for Variax.