The Purification Crusade


Ah, np. Also, if I find it, I can share my pre-rotation Mid shadow that was wrecking stuff left and right, it has some…questionable inclusions.


Believe me, I also experiemnted with tons of shit, especially during that month of WD where mid was the best deck.

And yeah, sure.


Also, i dont know why mordecai has Nani eyes


The ratios are triggering me.



Note: This was pre many nerfs like Staircase, Thane and Troth buff


Folks at Bagoum with their daily dose of weed. Also, why don’t you run Gremory?


Yeah, I rememebred the time when everyone was on Staircases’s nuts.


I dont have her, and, in my opinion, Dont need her


Believe me, that was the best way i could make that deck, and the 2x everything works really well


yeah, good times indeed


Burn Dragon, even more annoying than Burn Faie


Not even playing JO without followers SMDH.


wdym, dragonplate is essential, and they stack!


Ehem… The correct way to run it is 0 followers.


That is the correct way to lose with it, trust me, i tried


Would you rathher play the correct way or the correct way?


I`d play the way that wins and sticks to the decks meaning


Ngl JO Aggro is really fun.


Eh, need to remake the deck, too many sigils, not enough clearing


Um guys… Mind making a group conversation for this if it’s just the three of you? I personally have zero interest in Shadowverse, like probably many others.