The Purification Crusade


You’re far better off than me, actually. All of your legendaries are pretty useful, except for Chronos. I can’t think of a deck you can make out of these cards at the moment, but I suppose that also means you’re free to make any deck you want to. If I were you, I would aim for Daria D-Shift or Midrange Shadow.


It’s what do I dust for Shadow Legendaries.

Is Albert craft an alright option in unlim? (For questing as Mid will be my main)


Sword is actually in a pretty bad spot right now, but it’s not unplayable or anything. The reason why I’m recommending against it is because it’s just too expensive. You’d have to spend 60,000 dust at the very least for a viable list. I guess you’ll spend less because you already have a set of Albert, but it’s still a long way to go.


So 3x Albert as the only commanders then tons of agression isn’t viable anymore? :sob:


Never played through that age.


Such a fun deck, 1 drop, Maid, 3 drop, 4 drop, albert, albert was the shit man.



What am I missing for Mid @halcyon98 and @alexx55




The list I have seen on Bagoum haven’t been using her, any reason?

Or was the expac really new?


It’s pretty new. Gremory is being heralded as the single most overpowered card this expansion and Shandow mains are wetting their pants. And I just realized you don’t have Arcus. Get 3 of him.


Is jormungand still used?


The most popular variant of self-harm Blood utilizes Vira and Darkfeast Bat to end the game at 7 mana. I guess Jourmungard isn’t unplayable or anything, but its popularity dropped quite a bit.




Good. Now put that in Flygon’s Gremory Arcus savings bank.


I need 3300, what golds do I get rid of?


Hold on, getting pics of the other faction ones.


Immortal Thane and Taurus.


Oh how the mighty have fallen.


I actually have no idea what that card is. I just never saw it play. Ask @alexx55


I will keep it then, as having the option is still insane.